How to Make a Second YouTube Channel

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everyone in this video I want to show

you how to create a second YouTube

channel so I'm assuming you already have

one YouTube channel this video will look

at how to make a second one so go to

youtube.com and the first thing you want

to do is sign in to your Google accounts

so by pressing sign in it's gonna show

you all the different Google accounts

that you have you may just have one but

go ahead and pick the one that you want

to make a second channel one on the same

Google account you could have many

YouTube channels I'm gonna choose my - a

channel here and type in my password

once you're logged into your Google

account you'll be on your channel so up

here you'll see your channel icon

you're on your first channel if you

click that you'll see the drop down menu

that's gonna give you options to go to

your settings now this has recently

changed so the new settings menu is

right here go ahead and press that and

once you press that it takes you to

youtube.com / accounts where you could

see all my channels and create a new one

this is based on having already one

channel click that link and it will

bring you to this page where you could

add a new channel and see all your other

channels here now the URL for it if you

wanted to jump directly here its

youtube.com slash channel underscore

switcher this will bring you to this

page and here now I could create a new

account as you can see I have multiple

accounts but really I've only been

active on one of those accounts I'm

gonna press create a new channel and

here to create a new channel create a

brand account this brand account can

have different names than your personal

accounts and I believe you could change

this in the future as well so I'm gonna

click here and this one is gonna be

called app of the day and I'm gonna

press create and it's created that

account for me so now if I go to my

settings icon right here and if I go to

switch accounts I will see all the other

accounts that I have here and now app of

the day is one of these - ad accounts

that I have under this Google account so

once you get to this page you want to

first customize the channel so go ahead

and press customize and go ahead and

pick your profile icon here your channel

art and started uploading your videos

and you could start tweaking this

section now I have all different videos

about these and I'll

host new one every week but I'm gonna

show you the process of making this

channel from scratch on this channel so

make sure you subscribe and you see how

this channels coming along this channel

is gonna be a different channel than the

one you were on now it's going to just

show you a per the day so it's gonna

show you iOS app of the day and a brief

overview of every app that comes out so

if that's something that interests you

check out app of the day I have a link

in the description to that channel

specifically about useful apps on iOS I

hope this helped you set up your second

YouTube channel you could also use this

process to make third fourth and fifth

and so on this is my sixth channel on

this Google account I hope you found

this useful please give it a like and

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social media and tech videos and I'll

catch you on the next one thanks for