Excel - how to plot a line graph with 2 vertical y-axis

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in this tutorial we're going to look at

how to plot a line graph with two

separate Y or vertical axes an example

of when you might do this is when you've

got lactate threshold results and you

want to pull up both luck tape and heart

rate on the same graph with separate

axes so for instance if you do it

normally and you plotted both of them

only using one axes you would notice

that it wouldn't actually display very

well so it would be quite useful to have

two separate axes as a lactate values as

you can see a quite low where's the

heart rate values which are indicated on

this side I'm actually quite high in

order to do this you would need to use

your data as with the other tutorials

I've got some existing data which you

can see I've got the different stages of

the test also got the lactate results

and the heart rate results now in order

to create the graph like we had

previously and the best way to do it

that I've found is to highlight all of

the cells once you've done this click

insert and line so again on a burden is

highlighted all of the cells and then

released insert line and for me I'm just

going to choose this first one okay and

this is what I mean in which it doesn't

plot very well if you've only got one

single axes as you can see that here the

lactate it looks almost like it's a

steady line and in reality it isn't for

this example I'm going to have the heart

rate is the secondary axis so that will

mean as you've seen before the lactate

or beyond this one which will be your

primary axes and then your heart rate

will be over the other side on the

secondary axes now in order to do that

you then need to select the one that you

want as your secondary axes which as

I've said is the heart rate which we

know from here is the red one so once

you select it and then right click and

format data series so again all I did

was right-click format data series and

now you're here it's a prime axes or

secondary axes as we just said we want

it to be a secondary axes so therefore

I'm going to select it once you select

it selected it hit close now you'll see

that you've got your lactate on this

side and your heart rates able and you

side this is an easy method on how to

create a line chart with two separate Y

or vertical axes

I'd recommend giving each axis a title

so it's clear like I've mentioned in

another tutorial a way to do this is to

actually select the charts and then

select layout I've also mentioned that

if say for instance the chart isn't

selected layout does not appear so again

select the chart and then layout firstly

I'm going to give the whole chart a

title so again like before hit chart

title and then I'm going to select above

chart so now you can select within the

area and type any title that you'd like

as before in one of the other tutorials

I'm going to reduce the font size okay

next I'm going to give it the primary

axes of primary y axes at item so again

select it then layout and now it's going

to be access titles this time you'll see

it you've got primary and also secondary

so we're going to be looking at the

primary vertical axis as it is the one

that runs vertically so okay I'm also

going to do rotated I'm going to select

in the area here and then type in

lactate which is in millimoles next up

when I do exactly the same however for

the secondary axis so again it's the

secondary vertical axes and I'm also

going to do this rotated so getting

selects in the area and this time it's

going to be heart rate which is in beats

per minute another tip that you can use

is if you actually want to indicate

where each of the data values are

because at the moment you can see that

it's just a line but there's there

nothing to indicate each stage in order

to do this you need to select the line

that you want to change and then

right-click so that was to select it and

then right click and now format data

series that all gates up do is add in

markers which indicate each of these


so we're going to look at market options

and as you can see there's nothing there

or not so we're just going to change up

to automatic

once you select close you can now see

that each of these have been indicated

so to do this do the other line you

simply select it right click format data

series and on market options change it

to automatic and that's done