How to Have 2 Windows Open Side By Side in WIndows 10

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hey kids it's mr. Dave I am gonna show

you today how to get windows side by

side so you're gonna have two windows

open at the same time you can work on

side by side now this is gonna be very

useful as you're creating research

reports or creating slideshows or doing

any type of work where you need to get

information from multiple sources so

here's a little project that's on

Christopher Columbus and I used the

research function and then I clicked on

a website and I opened the website okay

so I'm gonna start looking for

information and I'm starting with


now Wikipedia is right here so you see

I'm gonna work between these two tabs up

get the paper and the Wikipedia but I

want them open at the same time it's a

very very simple process watch what I do

you ready you're gonna go to the tab and

you're gonna click left click and hold

and then drag down and that makes it its

own window see now there's only one tab

now you're gonna go to this white area

here this area right here and you're

gonna left click and hold and you're

gonna drag it over here until it'll show

a little shape of half the screen you

ready see that and then you let go okay

now you go back to here see it shows you

what else is open you go back to here

and it's not perfect see it's opening

that up in the other half so what you're

gonna do you can leave it like that and

go through tab by tab by tab but I want

this whole document it's what I'm gonna

do is I'm going to click on this tab and

I'm gonna drag it down make it its own

and then I'm gonna click and bring it

over and go and there you go

now you have two tabs open side by side

now it's interesting is you can actually

shrink down this tab so that fits better

on the page okay

you can shrink down this tab so if it's

better on the page that's easier to work

with and then what I can do is I can

just go through you just go through and

say oh one was Christopher Columbus born

well let me look I'm here there's 1451 I

clicked over here and I type in 1451 see

how easy that is so both of these are

open at the same time so you're watching

an instructional video on how to do

something you can have that video

running on one side and be working on

the other side practicing what you

learned in the video now once you're

done let's say you want to put

everything back it's really simple you

just go to the tab you click and hold

bring it down and just bring it right

back up into your group of tabs same

with the other tab click hold

pull the tab down bring it up and just

put it right back in with the others and

now they're all together okay so that's

how you use windows side by side or your

real fast you ready there we go with the

PD I want on the right I'm just gonna

click let go click on this part right

over like though and then click over

here and actually it does it for you

automatically but if it doesn't do it

for you automatically click write down

then click and bring it over ok so

that's how you have two windows side by

side both open at the same time so you

can work on them both at the same time

great job all right