how to install two whatsapp in one iphone without jailbreak || Dual whatsapp for iphone

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okay guys this is very interesting tips

for your iPhone so this one is not

jailbroken so here you can see I hit two

words if both of them are active here

you can see so now I'll installed over

say sometimes we need to install -

what's a on our iPhone but it's only

possible in Android so today I will show

you how to install two words safe when

you know jailbreak iPhone device okay

here I deleted one of my what set it

against only one more sip okay now if I

want to install to hurt safe I need

another application that one is FK

okay first we have to install a F cake

in my previous video I show you how to

install app cake okay now we'll install

FK first go to Safari and type here

iPhone K okay type this address

- kake.com

and click on this right you know then

click on FK iphone f

and click on install epic equal device

is jailbroken with and select I F del Y

so my device is not jailbroken okay my

app that is already installed after

installation of app page you have to

trust with a certificate to go to

Settings General and device management

here trust this application then open

appcake again and then in to install a

profile again go to Settings General and

install that profile then you epic will

work okay now go to tweak so here you

will find lots of 3f tech will provide

you lots of TUI ok to the I install

onion worship just attack your worship

here you can see three so take this one

what you see forward step plus Stella

key select this one and click on install

so we have already one

what's that so we will not install just

click on duplicate register here

so it will take your moment so sometimes

you'll find it leave up FK if you go to

iPhone kake.com application so don't

worry epic will bed within two or three



okay here click on install

and here you can see horse service


now I'm moving this one with my another

one okay this is my previous or safe and

this is new worship so now you can add

another phone number if you want and

both will work at the same chain okay I

hope you will find some useful in this

video so thanks for watching is if you

like this one please subscribe and

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