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oh it's rolling

hey guys how's it going so we all love

using whatsapp on our devices

but one of the features that i really

don't like about whatsapp on ios devices

is the fact that

even though iphones now support dual

sims they cannot really run two

different whatsapp numbers

i mean on android a lot of custom skins

have that parallel features or duplicate

apps and

that kind of a feature where you can

create a copy of whatsapp but

not on iphones uh can you well you've

already read the title of this video so

that's what we'll be talking about this

is one from guiding tech and today i'll

show you how you can run two

different whatsapp accounts on the same

iphone device let's get started

okay so first off let's just install the

normal whatsapp on your iphone

if you already have it great if you

don't just install it

enter your primary mobile number and

just register it pretty straight forward

that part was super easy how about using

the secondary number now

don't worry even that part is quite easy

just download whatsapp business

from the app store now i know what

you're thinking isn't this for business


well there's a workaround for that so

once you install whatsapp business on

your phone

just launch it l by default show you the

already registered mobile number

ignore that and tap on use a different


the option that's below it now just

enter your secondary mobile number and

register it

once your pin has been verified you'll

be asked to set up a business profile

first just enter your name now in the

business category

just select not a business and that's it

thereafter you can just use your

secondary number in whatsapp business


actually being a business user quite

neat no

now there are multiple reasons why this

is a very good alternative

see i know that there are apps on the

app store

that claim to allow you to run multiple

whatsapp accounts on the same iphone

but usually all of them are skeptical

and they charge you a lot of money

this method is official has the official

whatsapp branding and everything is like

from whatsapp

it's safe and it's completely free so

yeah why not just install whatsapp


and use your secondary number on your

iphone without having to pay a penny or

having to worry about your security

i mean apart from the fact that it is

whatsapp and well

that was it if you like this video and

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till then this is varun from guiding

tech and as in the next one