How to Install Two WhatsApp on a Single Android Phone | Use 2 WhatsApp in One Mobile Phone

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hey guys we'll come back to get assist

and in today's video I have something

interesting for you all so I will show

you how you can use two whatsapp

accounts on your phone okay so single

device and still you can use two

whatsapp accounts okay so let's begin

with the video

so first of all you have to take out

your phones and go to the Play Store

okay this video is for the Android users

okay now if you haven't installed

whatsapp you have to install the app so

I am showing you how you can install

okay click on the install button and

download it for your device and once it

get downloaded you have to go to the

settings section of your phone so exit

Play Store and then go to the settings

section of your Android device now here

you can see there is a cloner app cloner

that will automatically clone and the

app you have just installed right so

from the options you have to click on

whatsapp only these apps can be cloned

and you have to turn on that toggle for

whatsapp so that it can create a clone

of whatsapp okay once you have done that

you have to go to the whatsapp app see

here you can see we have got two

whatsapp on our phones so you have to

open the app and enter your information

to install the app enter your phone

number to complete the verification as

you do usually right you know how to

create a whatsapp account so you have to

follow the same process enter your

number to get the code and follow the

instructions so here you have

enter the code that you will receive or

it may also get verified automatically

so here is my code and the verification

process is complete now simply you have

to type your own name here

there is nothing new in it you can add a

photo as well your profile photo and

press next

so your account is about to create so

here is the account you can go to the

chat section status or calls okay now

you have to exit this app yeah and here

you can see both tabs now this is the

second app so you can use two whatsapp

account simultaneously on the phone in

one what's up I have three chats and in

other I have other charts okay so that

was about all about in this video if you

have any queries in your mind you can

mention down in the comment box below

okay and do subscribe the channel thank

you for watching