How To Use Same WhatsApp Account On Two Different Phones At Same Time [Android iOS Tutorial] 2020?

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hey everyone welcome back to net ception

and in this video we are going to show

you how you can use whatsapp or two

smart phones at the same time yeah so

this tutorial will guide you through the

steps of how you can use the same

account with the same phone number on

two different smartphones so to do this

first of all you have to open what's app

and then you have to click on this the

three dots up here and from there you

have to select the option known as

whatsapp web now you can see here you

can have the option so to connect other

devices and use the same account from

that device so all we have to do right

now is click on this plus button with

the option to scan this now what you

have to do is

so now what you do is you grab your

other phone the other phone which you

want the account to work and open up

Google Chrome then you go to the search

bar at the address bar and you type the

following URL web.whatsapp.com once you

have typed this hit the enter key and

wait for the page to load and once it is

load you will see that this will let

tell you to download it from play but

what you gotta do is go to the top and

where you have the menu option you have

to go there and you have to hit the

three dots yes and once you do that you

will scroll down and see option name

desktop site tap on it and the page will

transform into what will be for the

desktop sites and QR code will appear

now now back with the old phone what you

gotta do is scan the QR code on this

phone with the help of the other phone

and you can see that it actually opens


and as you can see you have already all

the contacts that you need to chat with

on this side of your phone and you can

just open up any chat and start

messaging in there so bones are

connected in the right way you can see

that I can open the same on both the

phones and send any messages that will

appear on both the phones that means

it's connected and I can use it and I

can also send and receive attachments

from any phone if I want to so let's say

if I said some it will appear on that

other phone also so you can see that

this is actually a very easy method to

use whatsapp on both the phones at the

same time and you can do this but one

contingency is there that to use

whatsapp on the other phone this phone

must be connected to internet so keep

that in mind and once you have done that

you have the same account on both the

phones so hope you found this video

helpful if you did please let us know in

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