How to Add Multiple Links in Instagram Bio

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everyone in this Instagram video I

wanted to show you how to get multiple

links in your Instagram bio so Instagram

only allows you to have one URL link one

at link where you could link to a

different profile and a hashtag link

where you go to a hashtag and follow the

hashtag those are the three different

types of links what I wanted to show you

a tool that you could use to get more

external URL links that will take you to

different websites if it's your first

time here I make easy-to-follow

Instagram and social media videos every

single day of the week so please

consider subscribing so let's look at

the tool here I'm gonna go to my browser

and it's called link tree I'll put a

link in the description for it and here

you'll have to use Instagram to sign up

so sign up with Instagram go ahead and

click that and go ahead and log into the

Instagram profile where you want to make

this change to next you need to

authorize link tree so I'm gonna press

authorize here I'll have to type in this

information here to finish up I'm gonna

go ahead and do that and link tree has

two different accounts he has a free

account that's gonna give you a

watermark on the bottom and he has a pro

account at 6 bucks a month right now

we're removes the watermark so you could

read about it I'm just gonna do the free

account here so this is the link you

want to put in your bio so I'm gonna go

ahead and select this link here I'm

gonna copy it and I'm gonna go over here

to Instagram and now my bio here I want

to do edit profile and if I edit profile

it should let me change that link here

so here under the website I want to go

ahead and change it from - ID calm to

the link Tree website I'm gonna press

done here it's gonna automatically

update that link so if I press that link

now it's gonna take me to that link tree

where I could have multiple links here

so let me go back to link tree here and

what I want to do is add new links so

right here I could go ahead and add new

link so for example the main website I

want people to go to is - adiy so I

could just go ahead and call this - lady

comm press done so that's one website

then I could press this and add a second

link so then I could have a second link

to this website so then I could put my

YouTube website for example my YouTube

channel and I'll just add a third

website - just one of my other

businesses here and now I have all these

three different links here I could go

ahead and press the three dots to move

the Lynn

around so if I wanted half energy calm

to be the top think I could just go

ahead and move it to the top here and

you could use the slider here to slide

things on and off if you don't want them

you could always edit the links and next

to it there is a settings option here on

their links where you could change the

way the theme appearance looks so I

could choose this one right here the

winter and it's making all these changes

for me as I do it so now let me go back

to my Instagram account and go ahead and

press that URL link and as you could see

it's changed the theme it's giving me

the three different web sites so if I

press - ad com it's gonna take me

directly to a high affinity so this is

where I want people to go and upload

their own videos and browse for videos

here I could get people to go directly

to my YouTube channel now and he's

taking them right here to my YouTube

channel and people could go to the other

website - that I named here to watch

movies and film festivals online so

between all those three links I could

get people to exactly where I want them

to go so that's how you get multiple

links only one link on Instagram and

this is working as of 2019 so Instagram

only allows this one link so by creating

that link to point to many other links

you could give people some options in

the links they go so if you want the pro

version you could get the link tree logo

from the bottom to disappear but in this

case it's not very noticeable anyway I

hope you found this useful and you could

get multiple links in your Instagram in

my marketing experience if you're using

this for business it's better to have

one link just because you do want people

to go specifically to one place because

you only get one chance at them to

clicking that link but if you have a

good reason for having multiple links

this is the way to get it please give

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time of this recording and I'll see you

next time thanks for watching