Tinder "HACKS" | 5 Steps to Double Your Matches

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what's going on bro it's David here and

in this video I'm gonna give you five

steps that any guy can take today to

start getting more matches on tinder and

just start turning more of those matches

into actual dates let's get started

right now if you're single and you want

to be going on more dates then you

absolutely need to be using tinder look

I have a girlfriend now so I don't use

it anymore but back when I was single I

was able to easily schedule three to

four days per week just by using tinder

when I wanted to and yes I was probably

going overboard but you get the idea

here it's an extremely powerful tool


let's get into number one which is

abundance mentality when you're using

tinder you have to adopt an abundance

mentality you have to realize that

there's basically an endless supply of

women using this app so you cannot

afford to get caught up on one single

girl and while the majority of the women

on the app are actually looking for

dates you have to realize that there's a

decent percentage of them we're just

using it to get matches for their own

validation and just to feel good about

themselves so whenever a girl does not

reply to your first message or whenever

she stops replying to your messages down

the line you have to move on bro just

keep swiping and let her go anyway you

guys know what it is it's time for me to

get started with my day

I'll give you number two in a minute all

right bro I'm walking to Target to buy

the new GoPro Hero six if you watch my

channel you know that I already have a

little action cam that I use when I go

jet skiing or surfing but this new GoPro

looks so dope so I got to get it but

let's keep the video going number two is

to use a simple bio and first of all

you've got to realize that your photos

are way more important than your bio but

we'll get into that in the next step and

second of all you have to realize you

have a lot more to lose than you do to

gain by putting a lot of information in

your bio so if you do what most guys do

they try and be really funny or clever

or they try and tell way too much

information about themselves

you just have a much bigger chance of

turning the girl off and making her

think they're a little bit weird and

then if she's unsure she's just gonna

swipe left so

sted I recommend you use something that

short simple tell us a little bit about

what you're passionate about but still

leaves room for curiosity so for example

for the longest time my bio was just

witness travel and other adventures

again it sort of piques their interest

but it doesn't say too much but that

being said I also had no bio for a long

time and also did very well so do a

little short bio and make it work for

you let's go into target and get this


so they only get the five here but I

swear online it says the six is in stock

let's figure this out and we got it it

was hiding in the back of the store

let's take it home and give you number

three anyway enough about that number

three is to take better photos you need

to realize that the most important thing

on tinder is your photos because when

someone is using tinder they're looking

to find attractive people you're looking

for attractive girls and girls are

looking for attractive guys I literally

cannot stress this enough your photos

are gonna be the number one thing that

dictates whether or not you're

successful on tinder and right now if

you're thinking David I don't have the

looks I'm ugly well first of all you

need to realize that it is possible to

improve your looks and become more

attractive to women in fact I just

released a free video training series

that shows you a few key steps to take

in the gym and with your style to

achieve the exact look that has been

proven to be what women find the most

attractive if you want to get access to

that now just click the I in the top

right corner or the link in the

description and beyond actually changing

your appearance another quick fix is

just going out and taking higher quality

photos if you're like most guys and you

probably don't really enjoy taking

photos of yourself and because of that

you probably don't have a lot of good

photos so here's what I recommend

I recommend teaming up with a buddy of

yours who's also single and going out

you know grabbing three or four outfits

and taking a few hours to take some good

photos of each other and if this seems

corny or weird to you you have to

realize that if you're going to invest

the time to use tinder then you might as

well take these preliminary steps so you

get the most out of your effort and you

actually get quality matches and you

don't need any fancy camera equipment to

get this done

just grab your iPhone go outside and

find a cool looking location and snap

some photos and if you're looking for

some ideas for some cool poses to use

that are gonna make you look good check

out my Instagram I've really been

stepping on my game lately

and pretty much all my recent photos

would be an awesome tinder photos that

all being said I cannot contain my

excitement bro let's go get some dope

footage with this and then after that

I'll give you number four so keep



all right so I just shipped out the old

camera since selling that one on eBay

was the only way for me to justify

buying the new one I hope that footage

came out dope there'll be a lot more

than some upcoming videos but let's keep

this video focused the fourth tip that I

have for you is to keep it simple and

I'm talking about sending the opening

message here when you're sending that

first message keep in mind that your

only goal should be to get a response

you're not trying to get her to laugh

you're not trying to get her to come

over to your apartment already you're

just trying to get her to start a

conversation with you this is pretty

much the same concept we were talking

about with your bio when you go

overboard here and you try to be too

clever or too funny

you just have a lot more to lose than

you do to gain because there's a good

chance that she's gonna perceive it as a

little weird or creepy and then she's

just not gonna respond so here's my

advice to you keep it extremely simple

honestly one message that I used to use

all the time was hey Katie how's your

day going and I know that seems so

[ __ ] basic but it's gonna get you a

response most of the time and then

you'll have a chance to work your magic

like we're gonna talk about in point

number five but first let's find a cool

spot to film around here I'm actually at

BU my old alma mater and then we'll make

it happen all right guys I am here

walking alongside the Charles River

which is like the river that the BI

divides Boston in half anyway we're

gonna wrap the video up now the fifth

and final thing I got for you is to

close the deal so at this point you've

set up a nice simple bio you've taken

some quality photos you've got the right

mentality that you know you're not gonna

get stuck on one girl and also you've

sent a simple first message and she

replied to you good job bro the next

step is to close the deal most guys do

one of two things here either they rush

into this too quickly and then like the

first or second message they're like you

know you would come over you want to

hang out and most girls are not gonna be

down for that some might be down don't

get me wrong

but most things gonna be down and then

the second thing the guys do and I think

is actually more common is that they

start sending like 20 or 30 messages to

the girl and they become like her

[ __ ] pin pal and then it becomes

really hard to break out of that dynamic

and actually ask her out and meet up

with her in person so what you want to

do is sort of take a middle route a

middle passage if you will shout out to

Buddha what the middle passage here is

is this descend like three or four

messages each back and forth just making

some basic small talk and learning a

little bit more about her and then after

that before you've settled in to that

lengthy conversation go ahead cut this

[ __ ] and ask her out and the way that

you want to do this again is very simple

and straight up what I used to say all

the time was just hey look I'll cut the

BS I think they're really cute do you

want to hang out and grab drinks

sometime and that works like [ __ ]

gangbusters bro but if you ain't 21 then

this asks do you want to hang out

sometime if you're hanging out and get

ice cream sometime no excuses and then

after that just get her phone number and

take the conversation on the text so you

can set up the logistics for the date

itself anyway that's pretty much all I

got for this video I promise you that if

you apply those tips you're easily gonna

be able to set up as many dates as you

want each and every week without putting

in too much effort if you made it all

the way to the end of the video you know

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