How to Add Multiple Accounts on TikTok! (2021)

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in this video I'm gonna show you how to

add multiple accounts on tik-tok this

will be very easy and it works on

Android and iOS as well so after

watching this video you will know how to

add multiple accounts on tik-tok let's

get started right now so first of all

you want to open tick tock on your phone

and you want to sign into your account

if you don't have an account yet you can

sign up and then you should like go to

your profile and I'm doing that right

now so this is my profile if you want to

add another account or even multiple

accounts you wanna click on the three

little dots at the top right corner and

then that will take you to privacy and

settings or you can scroll all the way

down and click on Add Account right

there so click on add account and then

you can sign up for another account or

you can log into your account if you

already have multiple accounts now I

don't so I'm gonna click on sign up and

I can then do that with an email or I

can simply come up with a like new

account already by using the account

that I'm signing to right now so you

want to click on email and then you can

put in your email address I'm gonna do

that right now just gonna come up with

something random there you go at

gmail.com click on next and then make

sure to put in like your actual email

though so that you can verify that then

do this verification come up with a

password so I'm just gonna do this at

random since I don't need um a new

account so like I just said make sure

you actually come up with an actual

password so that you can remember it and

all of that but this is pretty much how

you can add multiple accounts on tik-tok

because as you can see right there i can

now switch between these accounts and i

can also add more accounts if you

enjoyed this video if this helps you out

make sure you go ahead and leave a like

comment down below if this works I would

appreciate that if you have any

questions comment them as well and then

I'll see you in the next one peace out