How to create multiple telegram account?

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hello guys welcome back to my youtube

channel today I am discussing how we can

create multiple telegram accounts so

first of all open your telegram

application once you opened the telegram

application you can see the existing

account is there already click on the

left side and add account option is

there click on the Add Account option

once you click the add account option it

will ask for the number you have to put

the local code and your mobile number

since I am in UAE my code is plus nine

seven one and my mobile number I have

given already SMS will be received on

your mobile and put the mobile number

sorry the verification code after that

put your name first name dot last name

and if you have profile picture you can

add profile picture in the left side

press ok in this way you can create

multiple telegram accounts I can see

there is two accounts for me this is new

my new telegram account one of my number

and the other number it's already there

you can see there is two numbers shot

exps there haven't Sameer is there so

two accounts I have there in telegram

similarly if you have more than if you

want more than one account you can click

on add account option again and the

details and in this new account you can

create groups everything same as the

other number you can join channels so

this is the option for you to create one

more group so one more account so thank

you for watching guys subscribe the

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notification thank you very much bye bye