How To Get Multiple SNAPCHAT’s On iPhone! (2020)

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what's up everyone welcome back to the

second channel I know it looks like I'm

filming in heaven right now but I don't

think I am maybe I am I honestly don't

know but I've done this tutorial like 45

times and I figured I might as well redo

it for the 2020 version so I'll show you

how to install multiple different

snapchat accounts on one iPhone I do

have my iPhone 11 Pro so this method

will work pretty much forever now

there's been a bunch of revokes going on

there's tons of different things you

don't even know what that means

basically the way to do this could

change over time but this way should be

a little bit better it's working

temporarily it could stop working a year

from now or even next week

but as of right now it's working so I'll

show you how to do it so as you can see

I have multiple snapchat accounts now

this method is like finicky a little bit

as you can see it's working here this

one is for now kind of crashing on me so

is this one but I have tried out on

other iPhones before and it's working so

I think this is a temporary thing so

I'll go ahead and delete these specific

app icons and so I can show you how to

do this so the first thing you want to

do is you want to install app Valley now

the method to install this is super easy

all you have to do you just have to go

to this specific website up here app

slash invalid a VIP you want to click

install right here you want to click

allow go and close it you want to go

into your Settings app once you have

that little thing when to go into

general scroll down to profiles in

device manager you want to click Add

Valley it's gonna be one of these as you

can see go ahead and click install and

install that specific profile all the

way through once you have that specific

profile installed you can go ahead and

open it as you can see I'll go ahead and

start open it right there you'll get a

bunch of ads and stuff don't worry about

it what you want to do is you want to

scroll down until you see snapshot bus

plus 4 SC whatever so you can go ahead

and click here click get and then if you

already have snapchat installed onto

your device what you really want to do

this is super important once you install

the first one install as whatever

without push that means without push

notifications click install again and

then you will see that you will start

getting this little waiting or install

icon at the bottom so it'll take a

couple seconds for it to fully go

through it's nothing too crazy I'd only

take a couple seconds so it's just like

installing an app with your phone as you

can see it's going through and downloads

these are actually pretty fast which I'm

pretty surprised about and it's already

installing and once it's installed I'll

show you a couple more steps in order to

actually go through with it

like I said it's a little crash you

right now it's a little finicky but

it'll work I'll probably work for you as

you can see as soon as you click it

you'll get this little untrusted

enterprise developer thing what you want

to do is you want to go back into


once you click general' when you want to

scroll down back to where we just were

and you'll see a new little thing it'll

probably end up being this one so what

you want to do is you want to click that

click trust click trust again

and you'll go ahead and get through that

same thing as you can see once you click

it it will open it'll crash on you

probably as you can see mine crashed on

me but this is the way to get multiple

different snapchat accounts onto your

device without a Joe break now if you

are Joe broken there is another way to

do this through Cydia but this is the

best way to do it from now there's also

different places you can get your apps

from there's tweak box 2 to app however

those places are revoked right now and

app Valley is the only one that'll even

at least let you download these so I do

think this crash is a temporary thing I

don't think it's going to be lasting

forever so you can always wait like a

couple of days of it's still not working

wait a couple hours we install the app

and see if it's still crashing on you

but that is the way to do it if you guys

have any questions or you run into any

problems let me know in the comment

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I love it every single one of you guys

hopefully I'll catch you guys in the

next video peace out