How to put 2 SNAPCHAT Accounts on ONE ANDROID! (NO ROOT)

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what's up everybody dude I'm not gonna

lie I kind of missed you guys but I

started to throw my good-looking shirts

so you know I could kind of impress you

and you know like maybe could kind of go

back to how it used to be but enough of

that dude like I'm gonna show you guys

how to actually put to snapchat accounts

on one phone on one Android and I did

the same video for all my iPhone people

people have iPhones and I did that on my

second channel and for some reason that

did really well it's like the most

viewed video on that channel so I

figured I'd do the same thing but on

Android to kind of you know equally show

the love but the way to do it on Android

is completely different than the way to

do it on iOS so much to show you guys

how to do that but dude before I even

say anything the minimal cases I'm

giving you guys an exclusive I did the

same thing in the last video the minimal

cases came in right if you guys don't

know this is a company that's helping me

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right here this is for the seven plus

but they also have like tons of other

cases and these actually look very very

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the name and you know they're really

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like I said this is part of the giveaway

so I'm giving away like three or four of

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Xbox one and I did a whole completely

whole separate video about that so check

back like three four videos and that

should be one of them and that's like an

exclusive look to all those cases I'm

giving away so there's that alright so

with all that set aside the first thing

you want to do is you want to hop into

the Play Store and you want to search it

this app called parallel space okay so

it's right there so you just click that

and once you get here you just want to

click install and you just click accept

or whatever and you want to make sure

you already have snapchat installed all

right so you just want to do that so if

you don't have it installed I don't know

why you're watching this video so what

you do have parallel install you just

want to click it and it will take a

second to open but I like kind of like

make a copy of all your apps basically

was doing just making a copy and once

it's done loading up it'll like show you

all the apps that you have that are

available to be copied so you just click

start and you'll see clone apps all you

need to do right here is if you wanna

clone as you can i'm not going to clone

those so all i want to do is snapchat

right so i click Add to parallel space

and it shows you just the number one so

when you have that up all you want to do

is just click the snapchat and literally

all you want to do is just log into the

snapchat account once it's once it's

pulled up so literally once you're here

you can login or signup and it's super

simple like literally it's just like

logging in or signing up to anything

else and I want to show you guys that I

do have the other stuff

chat up here so you can see it's

completely different so here I am able

to access whatever this is my backup

account this is the one I'm running the

beta in which is a completely horrible


why does snapchat suck so bad on Android

I will never understand oh my god you

see but yeah that's pretty much that

right so you click back and you can see

I'm still able to log into this one it

still completely works I just don't have

another snapchat account to walk into

but yeah that's pretty much how you do

it you can go back and forth between the

two it's not necessarily like the iOS

version where you can just like

literally have two separate apps of the

same snapchat but it's kind of the same

thing you guys get the same deal so

that's pretty much how you do it let me

know if you guys have any questions or

comments or anything if you guys we're

gonna any problems let me know in the

comment section below I'll be happy to

answer troubleshoot it anyway if I can

but this video did help you out like

this video that'll definitely mean so

much I'm here on all the social narrow

ACR yada yada but do to actually draw my

mix aids today my long-awaited freshman

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really appreciate it it's kind of like a

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I've been listening to it like a month

now I really like it and of course the

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got to subscribe for that but honestly

that's pretty much it I loved every

single one of you guys and hopefully

I'll catch you guys in the next video

peace out swollen