How To Get Two Snapchat Apps To Work At The Same Time

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what's up you to the printed ATP 101 and

in this video I'm gonna show you guys

how to get to snapchats working on your

phone so you have two different accounts

working on the same phone so over here I

have snapchat plus plus and over the

other side I have snapchat plus plus two

so let's put them on the same page okay

so there you go right there

snapchat plus plus and snapchat plus

plus two so these are my two accounts so

I open it up

snapchat plus plus you know it gives you

all the extra stuff it's not really

optimized yet for the iPhone 10 but it

works so you know you could do your

whole snapchat could upload certain with

pictures and all that kind of stuff

straight to to snapchat so this is

snapchat plus plus right here the one

over here with the plus plus even though

we had this one doesn't have plus plus

the two pluses this one is snapchat plus

plus two so this is a different account

so you can see both of them opened up

kill the add slide over and this is a

different account so to let me show the

accounts so let's go how did it do it

Oh Sheriff

there we go so that's the account right

there for the first one and let's open

up this one that's the account for this

one so two different accounts on the

same phone you never was allowed to do

that but now with tweet box so this is

where you get the apps from so I so

let's try to do it on my iPhone 6 right


so both of these are the plus plus

versions but they would also work with

the ones from the app store so this

snapshot right here is a regular

snapchat from the app store and over

here we got two snaps - which is

basically snapchat plus plus none of

them is activated yet but it understand

you're gonna get that the first thing

you download it so let's login to this

one right here this is the regular

snapchat okay so yes well should be

another one and now we're in this is a

regular snapchat right here and then I

don't other plus plus stuff and you see

it's working okay so is it out I'm gonna

see if I could log into tools two of the

same accounts on the same on the same

phone that he was not different but you

could use two different accounts so I'm

gonna try to log in with the same

account and see if I had to the same

account on one phone okay so I just

logged in with to wear the same accounts

on two different apps yes do all this


so if I tap right there this is the

account right here follow me on that

account let's go to the other one the

regular one I see if it works if it's

working there you go oh it doesn't work

thought it would work but it doesn't

work you can't have two of the same

account on two different app like the

plus plus on the other one so let's log

in with another account and see if it


the is working so got a team snapchat

right there

so I have two different accounts I have

this one I protect Pro one-on-one and

over here I have the I put tech 101 and

both of them is running at the same time

so you can do the regular snapchat so

I'm gonna show you guys say if you want

to do the regular one so you could

download the regular one from the app

store but to get the two you want to get

tweet box so I'm going to show you guys

how to get tweet box you want to go to

Safari things will be in the description

just click on it open it in so far this

order tweet box it's gonna bring you to

the tweet box you're gonna hit download

but I already have it so just hit allow

I'm gonna hit it in North I already have

it I don't want to go through the steps

I hit allow you're gonna get this app

let's wait for the next to pop up in the

corner hit the X go to apps

scroll down this is where I get all your

tweet acts hack games all that kind of

stuff for plus plus apps everything so

you want to scroll down we got four

different five six different kinds of

snapchat so these right here phantoms

snapchat plus plus snapchat plus plus

two that's the one you want to get after

you download the first one or if you

want to have to snapchat plus plus this

is one you want to get right here

snapchat plus plus two let's click on


I'm if you read the description no you

can have two snapchats so that's what

this one does snapchat plus plus 2 e

that gives you the ability to have two

snapchat app working on your phone but

there's also snap pink while the ladies

cancel that snap pink and snap a red so

you guys could choose what definitely

the second one make it be snapchat plus

plus two then you want to hit install I

already have it in store

you just hit install again I would

install on your phone and if when you

open it it's giving you untrusted

developer go to Settings General

profiles and device management click on

the certificate and make sure to allow

it allow trust how does it trust and

trust it and then you'll be able to have

two accounts on your device so you can

have one for the regular stuff and then

if you're doing some other stuff you

hide one away in the app in the back so

they can't really see it page time so

watch it