How To Have MULTIPLE SnapChat Accounts on ANY iPhone / Android! [EASY]

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welcome everyone i'll let show you how

to have two snapchat accounts on the

snapchat app at the exact

same time now here's the deal in the


um the only way to get to snapchat

accounts on like

you know the same time was to get

another version of snapchat

usually be snapchat plus plus and you

could risk

being manned if you use that method i

know some other ways where you just got


another build with a snapchat like an

older version then you sideloaded it via

old store however

snapchat listens and instead of doing

those hacky methods

the snapchat app allows you to have two

accounts on your device at once and it's

really cool

so i'm gonna be showing you exactly how

to do that right now

so first things first you want to update

your snapchat to the latest version

um the newer versions i must say are

horrible but

only do this if you follow the tutorial

and it doesn't work

because if it doesn't work then just

update the latest version and then it

should work

so what we're going to do is we're going

to open up snapchat we're going to tap

on our

icon i'm going to tap on the settings


and we're going to scroll down until we

see log out and then yes

and then log out now you're going to

notice something

i can choose between both accounts and

by pressing login

it's going to instantly log me in to the

other account without asking for the

username or password

now how do i do this well i'm going to

log out this account

so i'll just tap on log out log out

there we go so i'm going to remove this

account and we're going to start from


so you'll probably have one account in

this option where you can log into

but you have a choice you can either

sign up to a new account

or use another account and so if i just

tap on use another account

uh here's the deal we can just sign into

this brand new account

so i think the email will saunders tech


acc to icloud.com

and if i enter in the password which is

i'm not going to show it

now just press login you're going to see

it signs me in

i'll just have or not now and now you're

going to notice if i log out

again so just tap on log out yes

log out at any time i can switch between

both accounts and i do not need to enter

in the password i do not need to give my

two-factor authentication

this account is 2fa on the phone number

and i mean this is really cool that this

is now a genuine feature

inside of the snapchat apps let me show

you i just tap on the login button to

marvel account

and it works like magic and it really is

this simple if you ever want to remove

an account there is that remove button

right there

and i mean this is probably the easiest

the most efficient way

to have two snapchat accounts on your

device before

how would work is after you sign out you

have to completely sign in again you

have to do the 2fa again

but now you just tap in the login button

and the login is already stored

so hopefully this video helps you out if

it does make sure to leave a like

subscribe if you're brand new i'll see

you guys later bye bye