Install Dual messengers Galaxy S9,S8 for Whatsapp,Snapchat,Facebook

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Ricardo and welcome to another blog tech

tips so guys today I have the Samsung

Galaxy a seat right here

and of course I'll be showing you how to

do something cool and awesome which is

basically outer and dual messenger apps

on your phone and this applies to only

certain apps which include on whatsapp

snapchat and facebook Messenger and so

on alright so basically must ensure your

to actually run two instances of the

same program on one device alright let's

get started so the first thing you want

to do guys I need to tell you that we're

this is the Samsung Galaxy s8 as I said

earlier of course this one is running

the latest update which is Android Orio

which is unshod 8.0 and of course I know

this setting is available from Android

Oreo and of course if you have the

Samsung Galaxy S 9 which is newly

released the setting will be the same

since both devices are very similar

alright so let's get straight into the

tutorial first of all you guys go into

settings once you're in settings guys

you're gonna go down I'm gonna look for

advanced features as you can see here it

says advanced features you can go ahead

and go into advanced features once

you're in here then I'll scroll down and

what you look for is you're gonna look

for an option that is called dual

messenger alright if we go back quickly

right now you'll notice that I only have

one instance of whatsapp install so I'm

sure you do it has only one instance of

what's up go into the notification and

Arizona what's up once and you notice

the icon let's go back to the city of

course if I go back up settings know

when I go to a dual messenger and you

see all apps in here that's compatible

such as messenger Facebook snapshot

what's up all right so I'm gonna go

ahead and enable what's up for this

feature and it goes and says that you'll

be able to use a different account in

each app and of course that's all the

feature actually works so you're after

have two accounts or in the case of

what's up you need two phone numbers to

actually activate then that's what's up

feature for others you don't need um

separate documents you can actually sign

in on the same device I so it's gonna go

ahead right here I'm gonna install and

of course gives you a disclaimer

explaining all the service works and of

course so on and so forth you know go

ahead and confirm it says turn on dual

messengers and of course is doing sting

just give it a little a few minutes now

force it shows you there that what's up

dual mode is on and you'll know it's

dual mode based on the fact that you'll

notice that icon in the lower left sorry

lower right hand side that indicates

that two versions are up is running no

so it's gonna exit and of course if I go

down here you see the icons are refresh

and I'm gonna actually look now for the

up or the second instance alright so

once I open the UPS tree you'll notice I

have what's up here according to the

sides at a pH if I scroll over I notice

I have a second install of what's up

alright so that's how I actually do this

so I'm just gonna go ahead know what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna launch sorry

launch what's up and of course this is

my normal what's up its unchanged none

of my contacts or so on are affected and

that is the usual install and of course

the new one no which is the one with the

double sim bottom go ahead and launch

and of course there you go it gives you

the equipment and of course out of the

go back through with locks on my phone

number and I'll enter my phone number

once I enter my phone number it will

send a message to my other phone no

that's because that's who we are

what's up works in order for you to have

accounts or multiple phones you need to

have two separate phone number so for

example I have my second phone and a

different network so what I can do is I

can actually use this to activate a

second account so and if I have a dual

sim I can use both so if it's a dual sim

your device to still work I gotta do is

activate on two separate numbers if it's

a single sim phone it will still work as

well so do not work just once in that

your phone uses it will still work in

the dual message in mode but apps such

as snapchat are after these two accounts

if you do have two accounts you can sign

in separately and you'll be good alright

so if I wanted to I could just agree go

ahead and act

the app on this phone again two times

but I don't want to do that of course

guys are so as you can see again it

shows you this is the second install or

the dual install so guys that's all to

actually activate second install of apps

such as snapshot whatsapp Facebook and

so on using this simple new feature

that's called a dual message that allows

you to multiple instance receive a

partner so this record showing you our

cool YouTube our cool new feature that's

been added to the Samsung Galaxy s8 with

the Android or your update as well as

the Samsung Galaxy S nine which is just

really sorry so it's got a from black

tech tips in Y until next time bye