How to Setup & Use Multiple Monitors

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hobo's soccer troupe lo7 in today's

video is a redo of my last video which

was how to setup and use multiple


unfortunately the audio on that video

really messed up I really have no idea

why and I didn't check the video before

I uploaded it I just rendered it and put

on YouTube so and fortunately I was kind

of embarrassing so I didn't believe that

video and hopefully the audio sounds

normal in this video name of though

today's video is how to setup and use

multiple monitors so I will go through

how to setup and use multiple monitors

now having multiple monitors anywhere

from tuned up is a really cool thing

being able to have more space as your

stuff is great me personally I have two

23 inch monitors and I personally love

them I use one monitor I feel

handicapped being able to drive things

back and forth increasing space is great

Samia asks why would you eat multiple

monitors like I mentioned earlier gamers

gamers can immerse himself in a 3d world

on once by using three monitors and

pinging putting the game across all

three screens people working in stock

market especially put the charts I've

run the screens single up to actually

like six or seven screens hooking up a

monitor is very easy a laptop I'll

usually on the left hand side is the

spot for it you can use HDMI or the

rectangular one like that right there or

on your desktop go behind it and usually

near the bottom is where you plug it in

using a tablet you can also hook up

wirelessly and get a smaller external

monitor pretty close you can touch as

well now without any third-party

programs Windows does support monitors

pretty well the windows and the P symbol

allows you to customize way it's set up

it's currently in and if you go to

screen resolution you can change exactly

some more stuff so you can have the

minder being portrayed you can have it

only show on display you can have me

themselves you can change the resolution

which isn't really recommended you can

also have the monitors kind of be on top

of each other so if you currently

actually have the monitors in real life

above each other you can do the same set

up on the little window there and what

that will do is Windows will allow you

to drag back and forth between screens

easily it kind of lets no windows where

everything is now if you have this this

means the two screens are different

sizes or different resolutions this will

work fine but all it means is when you

drag across screens it's going to change

the size of the window now Windows 8 has

some more options for multiple displays

first of all has now the option to show

the taskbar across all screens which

means basically you can go across the

other screen and open the Start menu or

in your icons are pinned as well as that

Windows 8 also supports

the ability to have two different

wallpapers this crates for some possible

cool combinations being able to have

many flippin wallpaper than having a

face each other or flipping it or just

having a long wallpaper in general like

this Paris one hey guys that's it for

this video hope you guys did enjoy my

kind of question for you guys is would

you or do use a multi-monitor setup and

why would you or why would you not

anyways guys thanks for watching

hopefully this video turns out way

better in the last one really serve with

that and thanks for watching thanks for

subscribing and thanks for supporting my

work they stack or triple o 7 and I'm

signing off