Easy How To Setup Dual Monitors - How To Setup Two Monitors on One Computer Windows 10 PC

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hey guys in this video gonna be walking

you through how to set up a dual monitor

system with your computer now most of

you guys are probably just gonna be

using the integrated graphics that are

in your computer but if you have a

dedicated graphics card GPU then that is

what you're gonna want to be hooked into

but if you don't have that dedicated GPU

then again you're just going to be using

those integrated graphics now if you

have an HDMI port that is what I would

recommend using for your primary monitor

and then whatever port you have left

over that is what you should be using a

4-year second monitor so for this

instance with the dedicated graphics I

would put my primary monitor right here

in the HDMI board and then the DVI port

for my secondary monitor now I'm hooked

into my graphics card and there's a lot

of display ports here none of my

computers have DisplayPort options I'm

hooked in with HDMI to my primary

monitor and then I also have the DVI

going to the secondary monitor so once

you have the respective cords hooked

into the display ports the next thing

that you're gonna want to do is set up

things on your PC itself so that's the

step I'll take you to next alright guys

so now I'm over on my computer and to

change your display settings it's

relatively simple just right on the

desktop itself right-click and then go

down in the menu and click where it says

display settings and then this will

allow you right at the top here to

rearrange your displays how they show up

it's actually exactly how I want it

right now with my primary monitor on the

left in my secondary monitor on the

right but let's just say for instance

your secondary monitor is above your

primary monitor you could set it up like

that or maybe it's over to the left you

could set it up over there or maybe it's

just kind of off to the side there's a

bunch of different ways that you can go

about rearranging your monitors but I'm

gonna put it back to how I had it so

then also when you want to change the

display settings to a specific monitor

just make sure that it is the one

selected and highlighted in blue so for

instance let's say I wanted to change my

secondary monitor to being in portrait

mode so I have it selected here I go

down into my settings and then I can

change the display orientation over to

portrait or portrait flipped or also

landscape flipped if you want to do it

in that manner you can also change the

display resolution as well as the size

of the text

in apps and other items that show on the

display and again whatever monitor that

you want to change those display

settings for just make sure it is

selected and then also there's different

ways that you can have multiple displays

the one that I recommend using most

often is just extending the display but

you can also show only on monitor one

show only on monitor two or you can

duplicate the display so that the same

thing shows on each of them but more

often than not you're probably just

gonna want to extend these displays so

those are the different things that you

can go through in your display settings

to set up your two monitor system I hope

this video was helpful I appreciate you

guys that stopping by and best of luck

until I see you next time