How to Split Screen on MacBook!

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hey guys so I'm going to show you how to

split screen on a Mac now it's pretty

simple so let's say for example if I'm

going to open up Safari and Chrome so

it's open up to windows now on Safari so

we're to start with Safari now what you

do is here on top left you guys see this

green button now normally if you press

this it goes into full screen so do you

want to do instead is hold down on it

and you guys think we have the options

here a full screen or put the window to

the left of the screen or two right so

gonna put it here to the left and you

guys see here sorry about the train in

the background yes it here that Safari

is now on the backside now on the right

side I'm this gonna quick within this

window right here on Chrome just sort of

quick right there anywhere within the

screen within the chrome screen and now

it's on the right side now there's a few

things you can do here so let's say for

example if I want to move chrome to the

right side so I'm just going to move my

mouse up here towards the top of the

screen and it's going to hold down on

here and it's going to drag it to the

left side and now they switch places now

you can also use this bar in the middle

just hold down on this bar in the middle

and drag it to the right or the left

just to make the windows different sizes

now something else is if you use four

fingers on the trackpad use four fingers

on the trackpad and you're just going to

swipe like this to the right so again

like this and you guys see that we now

back to the desktop so for example I can

click on the finder or whatever else now

if I want to get back to the split

screen window again just use four

fingers on the trackpad

just like this and swipe this time to

the right side from right to left now

what you can also do we have four

fingers is swipe up and you guys see the

windows up here so you can go from

window to window so for example press on

a desktop and again just gonna swipe up

and gonna press back on this OneNote and

close out guys just in the top left

just press the X and it's going to close

out of both so yeah now we're back to

full screen yes we have one window open

and it's going to close out again

alright guys hopefully this helped out

thanks for watching

Elmen on comments if you have any