How to Split Screen/Multitask on iPad

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hey welcome back to another episode of

tech tip Tuesday today we're gonna learn

about how to do a split screen on your

iPad's it can be an iPad pro it can be a

regular iPad as long as it's not the

iPad Mini 2nd generation or before then

you can definitely do this split screen

let's take a look it's actually quite

easy but not all the apps are able to do

split screen so not every app it's

compatible with this feature right here

but all need have Apple apps usually

they were supported so this is what I

would do usually I will have my favorite

apps moved to the dock because that's

how you can call out the split screen

feature you have to have the app moved

to the dock ok so I will open up the

keynote app let's say I am preparing for

a presentation and I want to capture

some pictures from the internet of

course like if it's for a public used

and you shouldn't do it but this is just

for an example I can swipe up from the

very bottom just by a little bit not too

much if I swipe up too much it will call

out the multitask screen or close the

app completely so let me do it one more

time I will swipe up from the very

bottom off my screen on the iPad it will

call out the dock itself only and I will

tap and hold on to the Safari browser I

can move it to the left or to the right

so it's completely up to you I like to

have my research resource on the left

hand side so I'll move it to the left

hand side of my iPad and you will see

that keynote get pushed to one side of

the screen and it will open up a space

for Safari and then I'll let go it will

open up a window for Safari browser and

let's say I have some really cute kitty

picture here and I want to move one of

them to my keynote presentation all I

need to do is to tap and hold onto that

picture and it will become a floating

picture I can drag it you can see that I

have a plus sign already when it gets to

the top of my slideshow I can just let

go and it will just pull the picture to

my keynote that's the power of using

split screen on your iPad and if you

want to adjust the window size of

those two apps that you have open all

you need to do is to drag this bar left

and right and you can adjust the size

some apps they don't allow you to have

this tiny window size and that's just a

way that is let's say if you want to

close both apps by swiping from the

bottom and when you open up either one

of those apps again you will see the

same split screen again until you do

this gesture to close one of the apps

it's pretty easy right

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