2 Smartphones, 2 Sim Cards, 1 Phone Number - Galaxy S9 Plus | iPhone X

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hey what's up guys Jake you back would

set creation so this video is a little

bit different for what I usually do but

I couldn't find any videos that clearly

explain this topic so I decided to just

do it myself so we've already seen

smartphones that accept dual SIM cards

for a little while now one of the most

recent popular ones being the 1 + 5 T so

obviously that's great if you have a

business on the side or if you're just

living that shady lifestyle then go

ahead and do you but that scenario may

not always work for everyone what if you

don't want to have two phone numbers and

you want to keep it simple with one

phone number or let's say what if you're

like me or some other tech tuber out

there that often has two phones and you

want to be able to receive calls and

texts on both devices and I am fully

aware that there are some Wi-Fi calling

services out there that will allow you

to do that

but again you must be connected to Wi-Fi

so that within itself has its own

practical limitations as you may already

know it's impossible to have one phone

number attached to two SIM cards

simultaneously you just can't do it

because one SIM card would deactivate

the other and vice versa at least that

was the case up until now apparently

t-mobile has quietly figured out a way

to do this so the way timo was able to

do this is with something called paired

digits now for those who are already

familiar this is much different from

t-mobile regular digits service and I'll

explain how in just a second so

apparently paired digits has been in

beta for a little bit over a year now

which is how I'm just finding out about

this and it's even how some team of

employees and t-mobile reps that I spoke

to had no idea what I was talking about

when I brought this up to them anyways

just to give you guys a little bit of

context so what's he mode was digit

service similar to how a dual SIM card

smartphone works the digis app would

allow you to activate two lines within

the app this way you can use one phone

to receive calls and text messages from

two different numbers on one device

alternatively you can have your primary

phone number activated on a second Wi-Fi

enabled device like an unused smartphone

or a tablet just along you're using the

digits app and you're connected to Wi-Fi

or have a network connection etc etc so

what's wrong with that well it kind of

defeats the purpose and having a second

smartphone because you won't be able to

use the didge

up out and about unless you're connected

to Wi-Fi because this doesn't have a SIM

card now you can swap your main SIM card

between both phones constantly but

honestly who wants to do all that and

this is how paired digits changes all

that by allowing two separate SIM cards

to share the exact same phone number now

know what you might be asking yourself

wait a minute he just said that was

impossible so after speaking with

t-mobile tech support here's what they

explained basically with paired digits

they assign a virtual phone number to a

second SIM card as a sort of a

placeholder in order to activate the SIM

card they then mask that virtual number

with your primary phone number and it

just somehow works I still don't

understand it but he didn't really go

into more detail with it so at first I

was like okay that's just like simple

call forwarding no big deal we've had

that for years but apparently it's not

because that virtual number that they

give you on the SIM card doesn't really

exist in fact if you try to call it

here's what you'll get so you would have

to Dowe your primary phone number in

order to have the duplicate SIM card

ring so once you go ahead and call

t-mobile and activate the paired digit

service with high-speed data both SIM

cards are basically identical to each

other and they work independently from

one another with the same phone number

both make phone calls both text and both

are equipped with high-speed LTE so when

you call or text people from either

smartphone your primary phone number

will show up on the recipients end and

they'll have no idea from which device

you're contacting them from now what's

cool is when you're receiving incoming

calls and text messages is happening

simultaneously on both phones and if I

was to answer a phone call on one device

had to go ahead and cancel that on the

other device now weirdly enough even

though the phone would cancel on either

sim once answered if I was to take that

phone call on my primary sim I can place

an entirely separate phone call on the

duplicate sim even though the line is

already active and neither call will

drop or be disconnected all right so now

that's out the way there are a few

things that you need to know before

diving incidents the first one being you

must be on the t-mobile 1 plan and then

ask to enable paired digits with high

speed data in order to use the whole

duplicate SIM card setup if you want to

learn more I'll go ahead and drop a link

down below in the description for your

convenience now the second thing you

need to know which is a little bit of a

drawback is that only your primary SIM

card not the duplicate one will be able

to receive short code SMS now short cord

SMS are those text messages that you

receive whenever you log into a secure

site and they shoot a PIN number to your

phone to verify your identity yet those

will only come in on your primary SIM

card you may get some on the duplicate

but nine times out of ten you it's not

gonna go to your second phone so you

want to make sure you have your primary

SIM card next to you whenever you're

doing those logins on your computer and

whatnot and the reason this is done is

for security purposes to prevent

malicious behavior obviously that it

just make you a lot more vulnerable to

hacking so I completely understand what

that's done I had to learn the hard way

when I was locked out of my accounts

when I was out and about with the

duplicate SIM card so now that you know

hopefully you don't have to go through

that yourself now the third thing is

very important as you've noticed I'm

using the galaxy s 9 plus along with the

iPhone 10 so you already know what

problems are gonna come into play

iMessage so I messages notorious for

screwing up people's text messages

whenever they go from iPhone to Android

Android iPhone etc etc so in order to

have both of these phones work

comfortably together you're gonna have

to turn off iMessage and FaceTime

because if you don't if you want to take

your duplicate SIM card out for the day

and someone with iMessage messages you

it's only gonna come in on the iPhone 10

and it's not gonna go to your duplicate

SIM card phone so by turning off

iMessage and FaceTime that'll show you

that the text messages will come in on

both devices no matter which smartphone

you decide to take out for the day now

the fourth and last thing is that your

text message conversations are gonna be

all over the place because if you're

gonna be switching back and forth it's

not gonna be chronological so if you're

texting someone in your bed from the

iPhone but you go to the kitchen and you

continue texting them from the Galaxy S

9 your replies that were sent out from

the iPhone won't be showing on this

phone so conversations are gonna look a

bit wonky so if that's something you're

willing to put up with then by all means

check this out for me I've been enjoying

it so far it's allowed so much

flexibility especially owning three

smart phones not having to swap SIM

cards or anything like that I can just

get up and walk out the house with

whichever smartphone I'd like instead of

carrying two smart phones all the time

is that can be a little annoying sure

that's basically all there is to know

about t-mobile's pair digits I I for one

thing this is pretty cool it's dope as

hell I didn't know that kind of

technology existed I just didn't know

you can do that but I want to know more

about what you guys think go ahead and

let me know by dropping those comments

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yeah stay tuned for upcoming coverage on

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guys in the next video peace out