OneDrive - Sync multiple OneDrive accounts

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hi gigs welcome to the 10 forums calm in

this video we will see how to sync

multiple onedrive accounts to your

desktop ok Windows 10 is installed using

your main Microsoft account onedrive is

set to sync or or some of its content

everything is as it should be you can

access your sync to onedrive content

directly from desktop and all of its

content using a browser

unfortunately you can only sink a single

onedrive account what if you have

multiple MS accounts each with their own

onedrive and you would like to sync all

of them in your main Windows user

accounts desktop luckily there's a

simple solution to start with sign into

your additional onedrive I'm here using

another browser because I want my

default edge to be all the time signed

in to my primary onedrive and will now

set Internet Explorer to be all the time

signed in to my secondary MS accounts

onedrive I sign in from the primary MS

account and sign back in with the

secondary one to avoid a conflict with

similar folder names I prepare the

secondary onedrive to be shared by

moving all its content to a new clearly

named folder in this example I name the

new folder shared and move everything

from the root of the onedrive to this


when I have selected content I want to

sync to my primary onedrive I select

move to from the menu bar selecting new

folder I can create a name my new shared

folder as I want to I click move to move

the selected content to this new folder

only thing missing is now to share this

folder with my primary MS account I

right click the folder select share and

create an invitation entering my primary

MS account address as the account I am

sharing this is my own I ran the

recipients in this case my primary MS

account rights to edit the content if I

was sharing this folder with a friend or

family member I might want to restrict

the rights to view only

go into inbox of my primary and miss

account I will now see that I have

received an invitation to share my

secondary MS accounts content


clicking the provided link I can see the

shared content and add it to my own


if you want to read the full

instructions click the learn more link

last thing to do now is to select the

add to my onedrive link the shared

content of my secondary onedrive will

now be available on my primary account

and on Windows desktop if I want to say

checking my own onedrive in browser I

can now see a folder shared which is the

content of my secondary one dry

my desktop onedrive folder has already

started sinking this new shared folder

the content from my secondary onedrive

and I can access it directly from

desktop by opening the onedrive folder

a small test to see if it works as

planned I open WordPad and save a test

file to this new shared onedrive folder

on my primary accounts one dry

everything is working checking the

secondary onedrive using a browser I can

say that my test document was added

there as it should be that's about it

thanks for watching