Add/Link Multiple OneDrive Accounts in One Windows 10 PC

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Microsoft's onedrive is one of the most

popular cloud storage services out there

one of the most requested features for

onedrive is the ability to link multiple

accounts on the same computer many users

have two or more onedrive accounts and

having everything in one place would

definitely save them a lot of time

windows's onedrive folder is still not

capable of managing multiple accounts so

this video is going to show you how to

add multiple onedrive accounts in one

folder so you can have content from all

your accounts in one place to be able to

use multiple onedrive accounts on one

computer you basically just need to

share content from another onedrive

account to your primary account and you

will be able to access everything from a

single folder so first open your browser

and log into your secondary onedrive

account create a new folder we'll call

it onedrive one move all content to the

new folder you just created

select the folder and go to the share

option select email and send the folder

to your primary onedrive account

now on another browser login to your

primary onedrive account then log in to

the email client of the primary onedrive

account to accept the shared folder


click Add to my onedrive and add the

shared folder to your primary account

once you accept the shared folder it

will appear in the onedrive folder on

your computer you will be able to access

all content from your secondary onedrive

account in case you want to add more

than two accounts just repeat the steps

for each individual account