How To Get DUPLICATE APP FOR FREE! iOS iOS 12 / 13 iPhone, iPod, iPad

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okay guys so basically what this video

is about it's me showing you duplicate

applications on your effin device bear

in mind these are duplicates as in

tweeked application so as you can see

for the snapchats that's plus plus just

by the side of it same thing for YouTube

and cigarette although it doesn't say it

but they are tweaked so if I head over

to Instagram real quick this is a tweak

so if I click the pause button right

there and you are gonna get like feed

settings and stories and other cool

stuff so you can spoof your followers

and get verified instantly so if you

want to watch that video there's a link

down below in the description I made a

video about it the other day and if you

want to go for YouTube which you can

download free and videos and all that

cool stuff on your effing device very

very cool so guys how to get this very

straightforward the link is gonna be

down below in the description will bring

you back to this outlet website so I'll

link up with outlets it's basically URL

short and as you can see it here as well

works for both devices it works every

single device that has a Wi-Fi

connection soo so as you can see it says

join today and you get ten you get $1

free so that is true if you click on

this a little three lines to click and

sign up all you need is a user name

email and a password and that's it you

sign up you get $1 free and the way to

carry on the getting paid is basically

shortened links and then share the links

and then you air money soo so whenever

somebody clicks on your link you

basically start making money and you can

withdraw your earnings through PayPal

very convenient very cool so how this

works is very straightforward you share

a link you short note you shorts on a

link you share a link whatever whenever

so many clicks and link you make money

so so he needs to click the link down

below in the description and head over

to this page here click on verify click

and continue it very straightforward and

then simply wait 10 seconds

now that the ten seconds are up you're

gonna get a get link right now so what

we're going to do at this point is you

can actually download this application

by clicking install and we're not going

to do that we're going to use a safari

version so if you head over to this and

head over to just where the a starts and

then type an eight app a PP and then a

full stop and then click on go so what

is gonna redo is gonna redirect you to a

safari based version of this application

instead of having to download it which

would be very inconvenient

I suppose so what can do is actually

scroll down just a tiny bit and say you

see tweeked plus plus apps so you can

see what you can do is click on snapchat

plus plus Instagram Facebook Twitter

whatsapp tick-tock use it you music and

bunch bunch of more so what can do is I

should click on get and at this point

we're going to see you see is install a

duplicate or install the original the

original will install over the original

one which I wouldn't recommend just used

installers duplicate as duplicate but

you will not get a push notification so

which it doesn't really matter so click

on this click on install unless you can

see it will start installing on your

home page so that is it basically very

straightforward very simple so make sure

to join out likes common get $1 free and

please subscribe like the video and I

will see you tomorrow in a brand new

video thank you for watching and good