How to get two mouse pointers on windows?

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hi guys and welcome to on each tech

tutorial today we are going to try and

get two more pointers to work in our

system so I've already tried this before

and in this one so we will be using a

popular software called Mouse MUX and it

can be installed from Mouse modes comm

link in the description so let's head

over and click on the download button

here after we have downloaded a mouse

MUX Exe file from the mouse fox.com

website we have to run at our install

software it is a fairly easy process and

it should not take more than two minutes

and I have already installed software

into my computer so I'm now going to

repeat the process again so let's run

mouse box and see what it can do

okay now there are three modes in this

software so what is native mode which is

a native Windows small spider or a

single Mouse Potter which can control

critter number of you input devices so I

could touch pad and mouse the next one

is switched mode which will assign

different Mouse pointers to different

input devices say I have a touchpad on a

mouse so the touchpad is my lactose and

bin touchpad and my mouse is external

wireless mouse and so it will get

assigned different Mouse pointers okay

so external mouse here is my zero that

is my right mouse here and my touch bar

is 1 so that's going to switched input

and so my mouse here is the red one so

I'm moving my mouse right now and I'm

moving my touchpad which is the blue

mouse pointer there are many use cases

for this say you have multiple monitors

plugged into your system then you can

assign each mouse pointer to each

monitor so I can have my red more a

mouse pad in a different water and my

blue most part are different ones so I

don't have a plug external display

plugged in right now so I can do that

the board can perform the same actions

such as clicking again ok and that's it

how this works and that is then this

third mode and mouse box

okay a third more and mouse Ponce's

multiplex input so this is kind of betta

right now and it's not stable and it

doesn't work properly I have already

tried it and it crashed in my system so

I wouldn't recommend you people to use

da multiplex and put more it is a little

better because you can click with both

the mouse pointers at the same time

which is not possible in switch 10 but

but it should not be a big problem too

for most people so now to close the

program we can simply click on exit and

that will be lost everything else ok

that's it for this video I hope you

liked the video if you would like more

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