How To Setup Dual Monitors Windows 10 (Full Tutorial) | How To Set Up Two Monitors To One PC

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how to set up dual monitors windows 10

is topic of today's video

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let's jump into this video where i'm

showing you how to set up two monitors

so it's a good video

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because i'm dropping lots of different

tips and tricks for out as well which

you may find useful

i've broken the video into different

sections and i hope you do find it


and let's jump into this so as you can

see here is my computer

now essentially i just unplugged to

automate it's a lot simpler but you do

not need to do this leave your computer

where it is

and i'll be showing you the next step

but i just did this make it clearer for


so make sure you've got your computer

ready and let's get into this

and the next step to do is go and look

at the back of your computer as you can

see currently i've got nothing plugged


and i want to explain to you about the

different ports on your computer

so probably currently you most likely

will have a monitor plugged into your


now as you can see there are different

ports here are the output video output

ports from your motherboard here

also you've got the output video from

your graphics card now this will depend

in which you're currently using

currently i personally use my graphics

card but you may not have a graphics


and you may even have a graphics card

but not use it so anyway so if you do

have a graphics card which you do down

here in one of these bays here

i do really recommend using it you do

get a lot more high quality video output

a quick note you can't mix the ports

which you output from

so all your monitors need to be

outputting from the same thing so either

they all output from the motherboard or

they all output from the graphics card

you cannot just have one coming from a

motherboard and one from the graphics

card that will not

work and you've got to have them all

from one of the either of the two

so on this graphics card there are three

display port outputs and one hdmi

so personally for my two monitors i have

to go and use

one hdmi output and then i have a

displayport adapter to vga so let's get

into sorting these cables out so you

need to find two cables which are going

to fit your monitors so some monsters

are only got vga

some of them you've got hdmi so make

sure you've got two cables which are

going to fit

in both of your monitors they can be

different so for one monitor i

personally use hdmi which is this here

um and you can go and plug it into a

graphics card which i'm going gonna go

and do now so this simply goes in here

just like so

i'm gonna slot it in and you'll just

gently push it in until it's fully in

and it doesn't go any further

and then you go and put the other end

into your monitor

this end i'm now gonna go and put into

my monitor and we can

then go and do the second monitor cable

so like i quickly said a minute ago i

actually have to use an adapter because

i have a vga monitor

and i only have display port slots left

on my graphics card so this is what i


it's simply got a display port um cable

here and then it outputs to a vga

so then i'm just going to go and plug

this in now and quickly with displayport

as you can see here you've got to put it

in a certain way because it's got a bit

of a cut on this corner

so it just got to fit into a certain way

on your graphics card

and now quickly for example on this

adapter you've actually got to squeeze

the bottom to get it off

so if you ever have to unplug some

adapters just make sure you don't pull

it too hard because they can damage it

if you

got to hold a button down to take it out

and then i'm just going to put the vga


into the vg adapter so make sure you've

got that the right way around this you

can see that's how they go in

and then go and slot it in just like so

and then screw it in because then it

will hold it in together

and it just makes everything a lot

easier otherwise it'll just keep falling

out so yeah

screw them both up and then you're good

to go now as you can see i've got my

both cables in for two of my monitors

and i've got these two cables here so

i've now got these ready to plug into my

monitors i've got a vga and

hdmi and i can go and start outputting

it so this is the first part of the


the next part is to plug these in and

then go and set up the settings on our


once you've plugged your monitors in

then all you want to do is simply come

to your home screen

and you want to complete right clicking

i don't what they look like at the


i'll be showing you how to customize

that so right click and then come down

to display settings here

and you'll be getting this page here now

as you can see i'll make this a bit

bigger this should show your displays if

if someone there simply click detect

and hopefully it will detect another as

you can see mine two are here are


now the first thing you want to do is

make sure you select your main monitor

so just select which one you want to be

your main one simply click on the one

you want to be your main so if i wanted

number two to be our main i click it

then simply come down here and click

make this my main display

and that will be where all your icons

appear and stuff like that

and then here the next most important

thing is really

is choosing how your displays appear so

as you can see multiple displays

you can simply have extended displays

duplicate show only one

shoney only on two so if i only showed

on two then my screen would only appear

on my wider monitor here

and that's the main settings and then

you can go and also change the


so if i wanted to change the resolution

number one i click number one here

scroll down and then i can change it

here and if i wanted to change you of


i'd select two here and scroll down and

then select it here

so that is the main settings you can

then go and customize and there are a

few others you can sort of mess with

depending on

personal preference and other stuff um

if you've got any other settings as well

you probably will be able to change

these in your graphics card

drivers so you'll need to make sure

you've installed these but most settings

can be

changed in your windows um in your

windows display settings which is this


so yeah i hope this is useful and yeah i

think that's the full video if you have

found this useful

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