How To Connect Two Monitors To One PC : Tutorial

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prepare back and win another video

you're watching askew cheesy sauce

quality tech videos so today I'm going

to be giving a quick tutorial on how to

connect two monitors to one PC so I've

got my other monitor here just here so

I'm just gonna be giving you a simple

tutorial on how to do it

so what you're going to need is

preferably your first your first monitor

should be connected into your computer

via HDMI so there's a HDMI right here

and then there's a VGA you must have a

VGA cable to complete this so find a VGA

cable I have one actually right here so

I'm gonna show you how it's done now

that's the what you're gonna do is plug

the power in first so let's do that now

so the monitors on and what you're going

to need is a VGA cable so we've plugged

in the HDMI to one of our monitors and

we've put it into the computer but for

the second one we are going to need a

VGA cable and then we're going to use

this to plug into this monitor and

straight into the PC so there will be

two outputs coming out so let's do that


okay guys so as you can see I plugged in

the VGA cable into the come into the

monitor now with the other end we are

going to plug it in to the VGA slot so

as you can see right here sorry for the

bad quality I'm trying to do this at the

same time as recording so bear with me

please I'm just gonna quickly push that

in let me just put this down like this

so you can see bad push this in and then

screw it tight okay now that's quite

tight now

so now we've plugged everything in now

just to test if it works so my

computer's just timed out if I'm doing

and there as you can see both of my

monitors are working so now if this

doesn't work with you then what you're

going to want to do is just restart your

computer and then your monitor should

pop up and

as you can see my monitors the mouse is

going from right to left

now if yours isn't going right to left

instead you have to go all the way left

to go to your other monitor now what

you're going to have to do is go to a

system and display so this is how you

can rearrange your displays as you can

see here I'm sorry I'm not screen

recording so as you can see I can just

press apply but this isn't my main

monitor and so I have to go all the way

left and then it'll come back from my

right so we're just gonna rearrange that

to be here press apply and they're both

of my monitors ourself and working so I

hope you guys liked this quick tutorial

on how to set up two monitors to one

computer if it hasn't worked feel free

to leave it in the comments and I'll try

and get back to you and try and find a

different solution for you but yeah this

is sapphire if and this was how to

connect two monitors to one PC like and