How To Get 2 Kik Apps On An IOS Device (NO JAILBREAK)

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hey guys Jake official TV here and today

I'm going to be showing you how to get

two kicks only one iOS device this is

pretty easy just follow my steps you

should get it your device doesn't have

to be jailbroken and this is not a model

kit as soon as I find the model kit I

will let you guys know and yeah I'll do

a video on it but as you see I've got

the kit off the app store so that's the

first kit and as you see chat with

friends yeah that so how to get the

second kit is go on to you Safari and go

into Google so once you're in Google so

amazing it's a bit slow for some reason

type in too too


that exert once you searched it scroll

down until you find 22.2 to app dot VIP

click on it and it will load up with

this website here click download now do

not do anything just sit wait a minute

click install first time you don't do

this ok and once this is downloaded I'll

be back for you guys because it takes

right guys let's finish downloading so

as soon as you get to this point click

on to to app and you'll get this message

saying as an untrusted developer and

Apple need you to trust it so go into

your settings and scroll down to fund

you scroll down until you find device

profiles and device management scroll

down until we find enterprise app click


trust trust and then you can open the

app and my camera isn't focusing for

some reason but the lab will donate

hours up to you that's better but you

need to make sure you click get now down

here and then this will pop up install

that doesn't stops Apple from trying to

remove it because obviously the apps I

will be back so see you in a minute

right guys the fish downloading and you

will get the same message just click

cancel and go back into profile and

device management scroll down to find 3d

service station in just trust trust

opening up hit the middle button click


you need your PIN or your touch ID for

this and then it will install it and it

will just protect it from Apple trying

out get rid of it it bit up it still can

get rid of and that Apple still do get

rid of it but if it does happen to you

and it just took crashes or saying don't

worry just read download - - and do the

process again and it will work so once

you're on here just type in up here type

kit and this should pop up if this

doesn't pop up delete - - and redownload

it and it should eventually pop up

sometimes it has issues I'm not sure why

but click get and let that download once

that's downloaded it will ask you to

install it you don't need to trust this

app so he trusts itself click install

and once that is downloaded I will be

back right guys it's finished

downloading so click on it and there you

have to hit apps on an iOS device an

unbroken non-jailbroken sorry

iOS device so that one works and also

this one here this one also works so you

can have two kids two accounts if you

guys want that I hope you guys like this

video and I will be doing more videos

soon so stay tuned and don't forget to

Like comment and subscribe peace out