How To Connect 2 Internet Services Into 1 Fast One

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all right welcome back to the ssl family

dad channel today we are talking about

taking two separate internet services

and tying them together into one that's

much faster alright so one of the things

that the hardest parts about living out

here in the country so let's say you

live in the subdivision you live in the

city within a department something like

that you're looking at you know moving

on to the country and and starting your

own homestead or farm or whatever it is

that you want to do when you get out

there you might be very disappointed in

the internet the options out there the

options that are available to you

there's just not the internet just not

quite as good out here so so what are

the most common options out in the

sticks one of them is satellite internet

now we we started with this huge net

satellite internet and actually wasn't

too bad but there are data limits on

this which is which it was a problem for

us and also it doesn't work very good

for VPN or remote type connections which

is something I had to have for work

there's also DSL options DSL options are

very common out in the country those who

usually go through a phone company

frontier Verizon AT&T something like

that and then a third choice that's

pretty common out into the country is a

wireless point-to-point type system we

have also had this out here Wireless

point-to-point system works with these

towers that are around in your area and

then they put an antenna on your roof or

on a pole somewhere and it points

directly to you know the nearby Tower

and you get a wireless signal directly

from that and then I guess a fourth kind

of bonus option as a lot of people do is

use just their like Verizon hotspot or

their phone connection and that's an

option also in the country but what do

you do when you already have one of

these connections it is just not enough

maybe you're have satellite and you're

hitting data limits constantly maybe you

have DSL it's just not enough things are

just slow maybe you have a wireless

provider or or maybe you're using your

verizon hotspot or something like that

and it's just not enough it just still

not fast enough what can you do to make

it even better but what I have found

that works the absolute best is by

actually having two separate internet

services tied together into one and

that's we're going to talk about today

there are lots of different choices for

getting to different internet services

to your home what we have here is we

have two separate DSL services they call

it a second connect so if you're calling

your internet provider and you

get a second Internet line to your home

a lot of times that's what they call it

it's called a second connect so we

actually have a business a DSL service

here at her home and then we have a

residential DSL service at her home so

they ran two separate lines from the box

to our home and we have two separate

modems that we got from our provider

which is Frontier you could also get to

satellite companies there's Hughes Aneta

it goes another satellite internet

provider out there that's pretty pretty

popular you could get two dishes two

internet services from two different

companies and you could tie those

together you could get one of the

wireless point-to-point and a DSL

service you could get a satellite

service out of where you get any

combination of Internet services you

could tie together using this method now

you can actually do more than two if you

really wanted to get crazy you could tie

together up to four total Internet

services using this method so there are

two ways to do this one I'm not going to

talk about in this video and that is by

downloading some some software off of

the internet some freeware and hacking

an existing router to make it capable of

doing this type of service that is

possible but it requires specific

routers and and there's other challenges

along with that what I'm going to talk

about there's actually a product that's

already available it's not super

expensive and it's gonna work a little

bit better for you for this particular

purpose and it's a tp-link broadband

dual band router there's lots of

different names for it a load balancing

router or other other names they also

make several versions of those products

you can start with a really low end one

or you can go up to really high end one

the high end ones are just gonna run

faster especially if you have more

internet services that you're tying

together these things are super simple

to set up you're basically going to plug

this thing in set it up and you're gonna

hook your two internet services into

when port 1 and when port 2 that are

labeled right on the back of the router

you can run two cables one from this

modem one from this modem into the

router then you just open the

configuration on the router and you tell

it that you have an internet service

coming in on port 1 and another internet

service coming in on port 2 and that

just lets it know that those are both

incoming services then you still have it

has for other land ports on there that

you can run out to your devices or other

wireless routers or other things that

you that you you know whatever other

devices that you have in your home so

how this works is what's called load

balancing it's not quite the same as

tying the two internet connections and

having one bigger internet connection

what it does is it balances your usage

between the two inter

so let's say you've got two or three

kids watching Netflix and they're in the

router will automatically pipe them over

to whatever internet connection is

faster and then when let's say you get

on to do some work or you want to get

online as soon as you try to connect to

a website or page or whatever or maybe

you want to get on Netflix the router

will decide which of the two internet

connections is fastest based on the load

that they're currently experiencing and

it's gonna pick the fastest internet

connection for each each each time you

get online or each time you try to do

something online so let's say you had

two satellite internet services if you

have two services like that maybe you

hit your data limit on one of them and

then it throttles you way down to that

super slow awful satellite internet

speed but your other one is still still

full you know you still have bandwidth

left on that one the router will

automatically determine that that one is

slow now and it will start routing

traffic over to the faster connection

let's say you have two DSL services or a

DSL service and a wireless service one

of them goes down you know one of them

does the Internet's out for the day or

for an hour or for a few minutes the

router will automatically determine that

that connection is slow or not

functioning and it will reroute traffic

to the other internet connections that

that router handles all the thinking it

routes all the traffic between your two

internet services for you and it makes

things super fast especially if you have

a lot of people using your service in

the house people streaming people

working online people doing video

conference calls other things like that

it always makes sure that each person

has the fastest possible connection

speed from their device to the internet

routing through one of those two

services that you have this also just

works great as a as kind of a fail-safe

or a failover if you have something

that's critical you need to be online

all the time you just want to have that

that second internet service kind of as

a backup

this will automatically if your main

service goes down or whatever it'll

automatically route you over to the the

backup service and so you always stay

connected so I'm not going to go into

too many of the specifics because there

are other videos out there on this but I

will just say this is how we have ours

set up we have the two modem router

combo units that were provided to us

from frontier that's our service those

are wireless routers and their modems

built into one unit

those two units I actually have you can

go into the configuration and set them

into what's called bridge mode and that

just we shut all the wireless features

and routing features off on those two

units and they become just a modem so it

just pipes the internet connection right

into that new tp-link router which does

all that load balancing out of that

tp-link load balancing router we have a

cable that runs out and it runs up to an

access point that we have set up there

it's an old Netgear router that I

configured as an access point I have a

whole video on how to do that you can

set up wireless access points all over

your house you know and run cables

around do whatever you want to do at

this at that point you can set up as

many wireless devices as you want

another thing that we have found to be

pretty useful is we have a little

network battery backup I got it on

Amazon years ago mount straight to the

law and that just provides power to our

one of our internet service modems to

the main load balance router and then to

our access point and so those three

devices will always be on even if the

power goes out and so we can have

internet it usually runs that that thing

will run for a few hours and provide us

Internet if the power goes out so for

little little power outages and things

like that it's nice to be able to still

get on the internet and have that

available so hopefully that helps

somebody out there living on the country

or if you're planning on moving out

there at least you have something to

think about when you get there so you

can have fast internet services

especially important for me with youtube

videos uploading all the time when I

were on one internet service if I were

if I was uploading a YouTube video

pretty much no one could get on the

internet for hours and it was pretty bad

so this has solved that problem which is

great you guys have questions about

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