How to install Multiple INSTAGRAM APPS or Any Apps like facebook Whatsapp 2016 2017

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meant for educational purpose only hello

friends I'm Akash and I'm back with a

new video so in this video we will know

how to install multiple Instagram apps

or multiple Facebook whatsapp e.t.c

e.t.c I mean you can clone any app so

what is the benefit of it

suppose you have multiple accounts in

any social app like Facebook or

Instagram then it will be very useful to

you you can easily access your multiple

account at the same time so let me show

you a quick demo on Instagram app go to

Google Play Store and search up closer

here is the app you can see clearly I

have already installed this app now I'm

going to open this app

as you can see a message come out it's

saying that if you want to upgrade to

premium then you can get premium

features I do not want it so I'm going

to skip this

I just want to clone Instagram app

that's it now find the app that you want

to clone or you can say duplicate as I

told you I will show you demo on

Instagram so I'm going to select

Instagram app now what you have to do is

just click on the write to cart read

this carefully this app also gives you

warning before proceeding we did

carefully and proceed you can see it is

cloning the app so it will take some

time to close after that we have to

install a clone that

here it is it is the close of Instagram

let me install it

you can see it is the so copy of

Instagram nothing different that's why

it is called as close

it's installed successfully now let me

show you the original and the clone one

you can clearly see the boat that one is

original and another is clone of it it

is working or not let me show you I'm

going to show you first the original

Instagram app

you can see here is my first Instagram

account on the original app now let me

show you my other Instagram account on

cloned Instagram and I mean I have to

sign in first because it's just closed

you can see it is my another account and

it's working like original Instagram

there is no bugs now let me show you my

first account again actually the

original app is minimized means it is

running on background see here it is so

this is how you can install the multiple

clove or you can say duplicate of any

app like Instagram or any social app and

as I showed you by this trick you can

run or access many accounts at the same

time but let me tell you a bad thing

about it it is actually paid for

whatsapp and free for other apps if you

upgrade to premium version then only you

can clone the whatsapp but you can clone

freely other social apps like Instagram

you can see the message clearly that the

cloning of whatsapp is supported for

premium version which is paid if you

want it for free you know what you have

to do I do not have to repeat the

tutorial of how to get paid apps for

free so anyways friends I hope you will

like this video now I have to go do take

care of yourself and others help and

respect people and of course do not

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