How to Add Another Instagram Account (on ONE Device)

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in this video I'll show you how you can

add another Instagram account on your

same device so you can actually add

multiple Instagram accounts on your

device and I'll show you how you can do

that right now

and this should work on Android and iOS

as well so you want to go to the

Instagram app and then go to your

profile so click on your profile picture

on at the bottom right corner what

you'll then send you to your own profile

all you need to do then is click on

those three lines horizontal lines top

right corner right there and then click

on settings when you're here you can

actually set up a multi account login so

you can sign in to multiple accounts

with one login or you can just click on

Add Account and right here and you can

then add another account to your

Instagram page or like profile now all I

need to do then is choose whether you

want to sign in to an existing account

or sign up for a brand new account if

you want to sign up for a new account

all you need to do is click on create

new account right there you can then

choose a username right there let's see

if that's available there you go you can

then set up a multi login on your

profile so click on next right there and

then all I need to do is click on OK

complete sign up and then right there

it's actually creating your account so

that's how you can add multiple accounts

on Instagram if this video helps you out

leave a like and then I'll see you in

the next video have a good day