How to ADD and Use MULTIPLE INSTAGRAM Accounts - (Up to 5)

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One of the most common questions

I get asked on instagram is how to set up multiple

accounts? So basically how to set up a second or a third or a fourth account like you see here,

so I could navigate quickly between the different accounts.

I have four accounts on my Instagram and the maximum you could have at the time of this recording is five.

So if you see it right now,

I'm on one of my accounts and up here on my home page all I have to do is press the drop down and

jump into a different account and then jump into a different account so I could

quickly go back and forth just like that between my accounts. If I post something to that story or something to my feed you will

show up just to that account and

same with my messages everything is just to that account. If it's your first time on this channel,

I post tutorials about Instagram a social media five times a week

so please consider subscribing. So let me show you how you setup an additional account.

Let's say you already have the one account so to set up an account go to your one account so in this case

I'm just gonna go to my main account here, then next to my edit profile

I should see that settings icon,

the little gear I'm gonna press that and

now if I scroll all the way to the bottom of the page on the very bottom of the page

I should see the option add

account so I'm gonna go ahead and add accounts.

Also this is where you could log out at this account or log out of all your accounts at the same time.

So I'm gonna press add account and here

I don't want to log into my Instagram account because I'm already logged into that and I don't want to use Facebook to connect via

Facebook what I want to do is don't have an account sign up so on the very bottom

I'm gonna press sign up, and again, I'm not gonna continue with Facebook.

I'm gonna sign up with phone or email. Now if you already use your phone multiple time, It's not gonna

let you do it with phone

so email is always the safest way because you could use an email you haven't used before so let me go ahead and do that.

So if you use an email you've used before it says email is taken by another account so you have to use an

email you have not used before so let me go ahead and try a different email. I'm gonna press next.

You could go ahead and add your name here,

you could change this later, so I'm just gonna put in my name here and create a password and

you could go ahead and change your username to what you wanted it to be so I'm gonna go ahead and change my username and

I'm gonna press next. Now you could connect to Facebook friends. I'm gonna skip this one you could search for contacts

I'm gonna skip that you could add a profile picture. Let me skip this for now. I'm gonna press done here.

I'm gonna cancel people to follow, so now I'm gonna go to my profile

just my face icon here, and now you could see all the different accounts

I have set up here, so this is the new account so if I wanted to jump in another account

I just do this drop down and I go to a different account and I could come right back in so if I wanted to

change my profile picture

I could go ahead and edit picture, change profile picture, and I could go ahead and choose it from my library.

Let's say this was it I could add website bio. Everything else I could do with a different account.

I'm gonna press done.

And this is my new account so you I could treat it exactly

the same way I would treat other accounts. You could also have these be business accounts so I could switch this profile

over here to be a business profile and walk this through. I have a different video about creating a business profile,

but they all don't have to be personal accounts. In fact, most of my accounts are business accounts here. This is the only one

that's assigned as a personal account where I post more personal things, but all these other ones are business accounts.

So that's how you could set up up to five different accounts on your Instagram

just like you see here, and maybe down the road Instagram will even increase this to be more than five.

I hope you found this useful. Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel.

I post social media tutorials and tech tutorials five times a week, and I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks for watching.