Free Grindr Xtra - How to Get Grindr Xtra for Free - Android & iOS

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your water's going on guys in this video

tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to get

greener extraversion totally for free

did you see here I already have it and

it is the modded version of the app you

can press the my subscriptions and

nothing shows up because this version is

modified and I'm going to show you how

you can get it and unlock everything in

greener every single premium feature for


if we go here do you see sense that I

already have elective subscriptions but

I didn't do that I didn't have to pay


I didn't subscribe to anything and I'm

gonna show you how to get this active

subscription for free so first they go

to premium apps that VIP and then making

a search bar so premium apps that VIP is

the website go to the search bar and

start for searching fruit and grinder

I'm gonna do the same thing right now

once you start searching it's gonna show

up and now you need to tap on it and

basically what you need to do is that

you need to press the start injection

button and you're gonna be injecting the

extra version of greenery the premium

version totally for free I'm gonna show

you the steps that you need to take for

the injection process to start if you

see here the files are being prepared

but the injection has not started yet

and I'm going to show you how you can

start the injection in your own phone so

basically to complete the injection

process you need to verify that your

nuts are bought by completing 2/3

verification offers from the list below

you can have very father to not the bar

and then the injection is gonna start

automatically in my case I'm gonna

download two apps and run them for 30

seconds each for the injection process

to start I'm gonna fast forward this

part of the video when I download

install and run the first app for 30

seconds alright so once you're done with

the first step you need to go back to

your browser choose the second app to

download it install it and run it for 30

seconds sometimes you might need to

choose a second offer not an app to

download a different kind of offer to

complete the human verification but in

my case I'm gonna choose another app so

let me first for this part of the video

one more time while I download install

and run the

for 30 seconds all right so once you're

done with the human verification simply

wait five to ten minutes and go back to

Grindr extra and you're gonna see that

the premium version is gonna be part of

your account check it out mine is over

here it is fully working I have the

subscription I have every single feature

enabled for me so guys thanks for

watching and don't hesitate to go and

try it yourself to get rather extra

totally for free as I said with all the

free with all the premium features

thanks for watching