Getting Started with "Google Voice" Tutorial

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hi today we will be exploring Google

Voice Google Voice allows you to easily

communicate with students and parents

without sharing your personal phone

number a Google Voice number is free and

for it's calls texts and voicemails to

your personal phone for an easy way to

stay in touch in this tutorial I will

walk you through the process of setting

up and using a Google Voice account

alright let's get started with Google

Voice first you're gonna go to Google

Voice by entering the URL voice google

calm and that will take you to the site

then you have a couple of options of how

to set up your account you can either do

the for personal use of the for business

we would choose the for personal use

because we're going to be using our

personal Google account to set up Google

Voice when you tap on for personal use

you're going to get a drop-down of

different options of the different

platforms that are supported by Google

Voice so what you want to do here is

choose the appropriate one for your

device for me in this tutorial I'm going

to use the web option the next thing I

want you to do is choose a number you're

gonna choose a Google Voice number by

either city or area code and they also

give you some nearby cities that you can

tap on and choose a number from there as

well I find the easiest to choose by

area code so you pop here your code in

there and then it will generate some

numbers you find the number you like you

select that number and that is your new

number so I select this number the next

step is to verify this is how you claim

that number so what you will do here is

enter your the next step is to enter

your personal phone number that you want

your Google Voice calls forwarded to you

will receive a six digit verification

code that you will enter and then your

account is set up now once your account

is set up you will now have your Google

Voice dashboard this is where you can

add contacts and you can also make calls

from your screen so if we go over here

to our left this is art where we'll see

all the different options so when you

have calls if I have that's the one the

first icon is

when we tap on four calls you can enter

the name and the number of the person

you want to reach out to and make the

call from your computer screen the next

one is for sending text messages and

receiving text messages you can also tap

here for voicemails and it does a really

good job of transcribing all Boyce meds

that are received to your Google Voice

number and then you also have the option

of archiving any of your messages just

in case you need to go back and review

them at a later date another option you

have for personalizing your Google Voice

account is to tap into your settings so

if we go up here to our top right and

talk on our settings icon in our

settings this is where you can find your

Google Voice number you can also

determine if there are any other devices

that you want to add to your account or

if there are other numbers that you

won't link to this account so if you

don't want if you want to have your

Google Voice account forward it to more

than one phone number you have the

options here all the way over here to

your left these are other options you

have for personalizing your account all

the way to your greeting for your

voicemails so once you've got all this

done now your Google Voice account is

set up and you're ready to share your

number of students and parents for easy

communication thanks for watching be

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