Use Multiple Google Account in Same Android Phone

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hello everyone I'm MJ today I'm going to

show you how to use one or more google

accounts in your android phone it's very

easy and simple in adding to multiple

accounts in your Android phone so there

is - they are - way to create a new or

existing account in your Android phone

first is you can go to setting phone

setting okay and go scroll down here you

can see add account so click on this and

we are going to create a gmail account

so click on Google so here you can see

do want to edit existing account or new

account so we have already existing

accounts so you can click on existing

and enter your email address and

password and click the next and follow

the instructions on the screen

so like this you can add one more

account to your Android phone and the

other ways I'll show you just go to your

Gmail okay so in the Gmail just click on

study here and here you can see the

email of a showing with one my one of my

email address so just extend this by

clicking here and here you can see re

account so click on this and we want to

create a gmail account so get the Gmail

and click ok so now we can have two more

options you have to add more option like

existing I know you can create new or

you can go with existing so after you

create this here it will show the two

accounts and you can default any

accounts of like you're using multiple

to three or four Gmail accounts in the

same device so you can manage easily so

here you can you have to just check the

box which you want to keep the default


Gmail account in your Android form so

this is a way to add a new account or

existing account or multiple accounts in

your Android device so that is what we

will see you next week thanks for

watching and please don't worry like the

ones and subscribe thank you