How to Add Multiple Email Accounts on iPhone/iPad?

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Hello Youtube.

This is praveen for Techempty.

Here in this video we’re going to see how you can add multiple email accounts like gmail,

outlook or any other email address with proper configuration on an iPhone or iPad.

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So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Setting up email on your iPhone or iPad is really simple as long as you know where to

look and what information you need.

So, first things first, here's what you need to find out before you can get started:

First one is the email provider like Gmail, Outlook or something else

Second is the email address with password.

If you use any other email provider, you need to look for IMAP or POP settings.

You can find them at the respective mail service provider website.

Once you have all of that information, follow these steps to add an account on an iPhone

or iPad.

Unlock you iPhone first then open settings.

Now scroll down till you see ‘Passwords & Accounts’ option.

Here, under Accounts, Choose ‘Add Account’ If you use any one the email provider that

are listed here then choose the respective option or if you would like to add other email

provider then choose ‘Other’ and configure it with IMAP or POP settings of the particular

email provider.

I’m choosing Google for now and entering the mail credentials to login.

You can choose the list of services that you would to sync with the iPhone.

Once you feel good, tap on Save.

There we have the Gmail account that we just added.

To rename, tap on it then again tap on the account email address.

Now use the description area to name you email account.

I’m going with TechEmpty then tap on Done.

Come back to Passwords & Accounts section to see the renamed Gmail account.

From now you can use iPhone’s Email app to check for new emails.

And to delete an account, please click on the i icon right at the top.

That’s it for this quick video.

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