How To Add Multiple Email Accounts in Microsoft Outlook 2016 | 2019

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hi I'm gonna show you how to add

different i'm account to Outlook so if

you have a Microsoft if you are using

Microsoft Outlook I can have your main

account and yeah you want to add like

other different account three four five

Microsoft accounts to Outlook so it's

very simple and easy but mind you if

someone has given you full the full

permission to own to to that same

accounts for example that an

administrator I've given you full access

to other accounts the email account will

be populated here just like this test

account but if for example you you you

want to add an account you know the the

email address and a password of that

account you want to add it to this to

your main account so when you open

outlook you will see all the accounts

just showing here let me show you what

you can do so first of all you need to

go to file and here we have two options

we have the Add Account

so we can decide to just click Add

Account she's gonna set for the account

so I'm going to say I want to add the

accounts of Calvin Johnson and I'll

click connect so of course it's gonna

ask me for my password and I'm going to

just type in my password and then click

Sign In

so he says allow migration to mind my

device let me just click yes and don't

cut the accounts of Calvin Johnson has

been added to this account click done

so that's option one we've added the

account so right now you're not seeing

anything but let me just through the

second way before we can actually closes

outlook on is that outlook for that

account would be to be displayed here so

we have two second option I will go to

file account settings and then click

account settings again and here we can

click new

tap the account of Jhansi click connect

and then click and then enter the

password that accounts signing so

without you knowing the password

accomplished sure you will not be able

to add that account to your Outlook so

the account successfully added and then

done click close and now we can close

Outlook and then we start outlook again

so the profiles are being loaded so this

may take some time because if you have a

lot of males in that d2 account I just

added so it's good it may take some time

for the iron for Apple to be loaded but

actually this is just a new meal so he's

not going to take a lot of time for you

see that I'm looking sitting up in local

copy of a male boss it may take several

minutes for the account of loaded but

for this it's not gonna take some more

time because this is and the icon

doesn't have so much emails so yeah you

can see I've added to a card which is

Calvin Johnson and that of Nora Johnson

and here we go

you see I have my account control my

account from here and then I can control

that of Nora also from here so well if

you can add as much as many as it would

like three four five up to ten different

accounts here in Outlook if you are the

one if you have access to the password

on Yad authorize to manage that account

well I'm using the name of my my my name

is Calvin Johnson so I'm using the name

of my daughter which is not a Johnson

and the name of my son which is Thomas

Johnson so well thank you very much for

watching my video I please if this video

I've been on any of any help to you

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very much for taking your time to watch

my video

I appreciate you a lot bye