How to Connect & Transfer Accounts Post Update 4.8.0: DBZ Dokkan Battle

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all right I never thought I'd actually

make this video but it is time to end

this once and for all

okay I am going to show everybody

step-by-step the exact kanji the exact

meaning of everything in terms of how

this works now with no transfer codes

around okay if you do not see one of

these current pictures up on the screen

at any time during this video you have

officially broken dokkan and I have

absolutely no idea what you did and I

don't think anybody can help you okay so

without further ado let's get into how

to connect your accounts how to

unconnect your accounts and how to

transfer over once you have done so

let's get started


what is going on everyone talent back

here and today like the intro of the

video said we are going straight into

everything that is transferring your

account the kanji to know what to

recognize when you see it let's get

started okay so what I have done is I

have my iPad right here you are

currently seen up on the screen and

obviously a better quality picture and

everything like that but I'm gonna show

you again step by step exactly what you

need to do because I have not linked

anything on this current iPad account


so when you are at the main touch screen

okay so I'm going to actually you know

before I you do anything and it brings

us down into kind of like three sections

okay the first section is you have done

nothing bad to your account you have not

been transferring it really you just

simply updated the game and you want to

link your accounts now okay the second

is gonna be if you want to transfer your

accounts or you want a link an account

then transfer the account all that kind

of fun stuff and the third one is gonna

be well this guy he's just gonna pop up

yeah and if you've got something that

you are not seeing here I can't help you

I really can't so okay so if you are

seeing this video I already know how to

do this then I totally understand click

off don't don't watch this or what you

can do though is go down and hit that

share button and share to every single

person you know who plays JP side of the

game and actually no even if you play

global this will help you out when

things come there because guess what

your transfer code days are limited

they're going to be going away pretty

soon okay so whenever that update comes

to you guys that will be happening okay

so anyway let's go in to step one which

is of course just linking the accounts

this one is simple simple very very very

very simple but nonetheless let's get

into it okay so you've updated the game

you've downloaded everything and it's

just like okay you just log in right you

hit the touchscreen and boom it's gonna

load in just like this and oh my gosh

would you look at that the game is now

just here nothing else okay

nothing else so anyway we go to here

alright and you're seeing yourself okay

now what I do so first you're gonna go

down here and go go down to menu okay


you button you're gonna go to here which

is data and back up the okay

so this used to be where you could go

ahead and get your transfer codes when

you clicked on it but that's not the

case anymore okay so now you've got

Facebook Google and Game Center if

you're on iOS okay if you're not then

you're gonna get just simply the Google

account and the Facebook

I'm guessing on Andrea it might also say

it might still say Game Center but all I

see your camille to connect it or

anything or again if you have an Apple

ID maybe you can again Android fellas

let me know when it comes to that

particular part right there okay

but anyway nonetheless if you want to

update it all you simply got to do is

let's say for example click on your

Google account

it's gonna say hey do you want to say

with your Google account obviously you

would say continue you would enter your

information and then what's gonna happen

is a little text above here in between

on the google part of this account right

here where my fingers dragging the kind

of clicking is going to say this current

kanji up on the screen which just simply

means connected that's all it means

okay and if you want to you can go ahead

and do the same for Facebook it's making

a facebook wants to sign you in and

you're gonna be like ok boom do the same

thing login a boom hey you've got two

accounts logged am completely allowing

you to back it up however you want to

personally do it okay now I mean a lot

of questions about hey I have my global

account that is linked to my Facebook

can I link my JP account to my Facebook

as well or do I have to link it to

Google or by linking it to Facebook does

this now override the global version of

my game and that thing is officially not

connected or anything

talk to speedy I talked with a bunch of

other people that you know I just wanted

to confirm with them and everything like

that to my knowledge at the time of this

recording on December 14 2009 at 10:58

p.m. Japan time yes you can have the

same Facebook account connected to both

your JP and your global account if you

want to okay so obviously right now

global at the time of this recording you

do not have all of these options just

yet you only have the Facebook and the

transfer codes that via Facebook

connected can do that with JP still okay

or if you really don't feel safe about

it you think for

reason isn't gonna twist your account

and make it disappear or something like

that which it's not going to but if you

think that way then just go ahead and do

a Google account everyone can make a

little Google account no problem I mean

most people these days have like four to

five different Google accounts for

different Gmail's and things like that

okay what it's professional personal you

name it so with that being said just

that's all you have to do in terms of

logging it nothing else nothing else is

gonna happen there okay now we're gonna

go and so basically after that you're

done you continue to play the game as

usually have on your device saying

you're good to go now how do you

transfer a device that is linked already

to a different device okay obviously I

don't have like an extra phone with me

or something like that so what I'm gonna

do is I'm just gonna back out here the

bottom part down here says title it modo

- okay so return to the title yes that

when I return to the title okay

this is still gonna do the same no

matter what devices you're on emulator

iPad iPhone Android device you name it

okay so what you're gonna do is you're

gonna go down here okay there are the

three buttons down here okay the left

one is simply just checking the news

okay and the support news that's all

it's doing okay the middle one is

clearing your cache which is more use to

do if maybe your games lagging for some

reason and you just want to redownload

the entire packet of the game

essentially the one on the very far

right that has the dl is searching for

downloads if you click it right now if I

click it right now it's gonna say hey

you have all your downloads no problem

you don't have anything new to download

so I'm just gonna hit OK and like

whatever final one right here in here is

the one you want to click on ok again

this is on your new device if you want

transfer it then what you're gonna do is

you're going to click on whichever

account you have linked your whatever

you've linked your dokkan account to

previously remember you had a little

text above it obviously there's gonna be

no text here and you're going to select

that one you're gonna type in your login

information if you're on a phone then

most likely it's already in there

automatically you hit continue you

allowed it to connect with your dokkan

account and then what it's going to do

is it's gonna bring you back - it's not

going to take you into the game

gonna bring you back to here and then

you're gonna have to download it

okay just simply hit yes just hit the

green or whatever color it is to you and

then you give you a big download and

then after that it'll say hey you're all

done downloading take you back to the

title one more time eat it again

and boom Bob's your uncle you're able to

get into a game okay on your new device

do you keep in mind though if you're

going from iOS to Android you lose your


so either summon or don't transfer yet

going from Android to Android you're

totally fine and you're 100 cents 100%

good to go okay now there are a couple

of side things that I should also note

because I didn't even know that this was

even possible to somehow get maybe it's

if your phone resets for some reason and

you have to somehow connect it or

collected again with your data okay so

dokkan in a wake stores your data of

your game on your devices sometimes I

don't exactly know 100% what determines

if it does that I don't know if it's

like a hard reset on the phone has

nothing to do with the app personally in

terms of resetting to my personal

acknowledge but nonetheless if you see

this first picture showing up in front

of you okay with these two particular

kanji okay ah Tadashi and soo Dooku okay

so the first one okay the first one

where the arrow is pointing right now

we'll say a trustee cook Hajime do which

means do you want to start a new or a KA

for a game like Dogon it's gonna be hey

do you want to start a new account

essentially okay or collect the new data

is also what it could mean depending on

what you're doing okay if you click the

other one which is the Zuzu Koo

caught-up hajimaru it means continue

from where you left off essentially as a

very rough translation or aka continue

with this data slash account you had

before okay once you click so obviously

if you click the authorize II one which

is the first one I just talked to you

about then yours are starting from fresh

then this doesn't really matter to you

you go back to the beginning of the


say okay this is how I link my count

boom I'm done okay if you click on the

other one that says to continue you're

then going to get a second option which

will be this right here you're gonna

either have rank a data or Tomatsu data

okay so then k means that you are

gathering the data from a online an

online source okay okay a linked account

Tomatsu data means it is on the device

itself it's searching for the files the

saved data whatever you want to call it

in the device itself okay

so obviously if you have not linked

anything yet then snag the data that is

on the device okay if you haven't linked

somewhere else then like their 10k data

okay you'll probably be prompted to

download it again

and then you gotta go through the same

thing or download it go back to the

title again and then click on it and

you'll be back in the game no problem

okay and again if you're going from iOS

to Android or Android to iOS you will

lose your stones and ready to Android

you're fine your stones will stay there

just perfectly okay so now if you are

seeing this guy up on the screen right

now you have officially broken the game

and I have absolutely no idea what you

are looking at okay all that transfer

code stuff is gone now okay so

everything I just showed you is exactly

what you will see no matter what okay

just you you will be fine okay the

safest thing to do log in to the game

connect your account just get your

account connected before you try

transferring over to other devices you

obviously can't anymore because you'll

have it download code it you have a code

anymore right you've got you've got to

link it to something as long as you can

get something linked your account is

safe because if you try to ever contact

Bandai using their Japanese support

system but you can just use Google

Translate to get to to get the basic

information they're asking for the

reddits have that information up for


now they're gonna be like hey what is

your account connected to yes a Facebook

or Google Google and Facebook they're

the same in Japanese in English you just

put them in English okay and then

they'll be like okay well here's your

account back okay now I know their help

system give me a little wonky and people

have had very mixed reviews when it

comes to trying to get their accounts

back so try not to be in that ballpark

right there okay

so I know it seems weird that it's made

almost a 13 minute video on how to

transfer an account but with everything

going on I keep getting messages and

pics and tweets and everything about how

do I do this what the heck is this

translates is for me please so I wanted

to make this video okay so if you're

somebody who has not had this problem at

all please share this video to every

corner of the internet when it comes to

dokkan okay and again if you're in

global this could help you to just kind

of reminding you as well okay if you

found this helpful

let me hear thoughts about in the

comments okay and again if you're seeing

that this guy up on the screen this guy

right here I keep forgetting opposite

sides the camera you've doomed your game

I don't know what you did okay I

personally don't alright so anyway guys

that's gonna be it for the video let me

know your thoughts down below in the

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into the next number one I'll see you

all in the next one