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what's going on my friends this is our

atlas and I have another video for y'all

some of y'all may want to know how to

run two of the same accounts on the same

device well I got your I got I got

something out for you right here this is

the house you got on that so I have done

this already it works I have done it

from the Japanese version of they will

combat all you can see here is my

primary and down here here's my

secondary account so I'll show you how I

did it and I'll do it by doing this on

the global version so go to your Play

Store and type in loans or at home at

home what you do this app right I

already have installed so the purpose of

this video it won't be uninstalling and

reinstalling it but god install this and

open it up very simple that it maybe


you just want to buy it which I did not

and come down to your install tab click

so if you want to install what you can

change the name of the attic you want to

you can change the icon color what I

like to do is go ahead and rotate the

icon so it upside down or to the side

that way I'm not worried about mixing is

mixed up

and then it doesn't really take as long

as it says you don't need to go grab a

coffee like it says hang in there


got good about this is your primary to

count immaculate players good units but

and do you around

we can't reform dragon stones and work

she beat every single mission assortment

we'll just give you a new life

it started over which you loose on your

characters but will be a crash' camel

and you can keep your old accounts now I

went to just look for okay now once

we've done you get in so app and install

I would suggest your primary account

before doing this create a transfer code

or link to Facebook all right guys I had

no trouble losing my account and you

account but I would take the other sites

I'd do a transfer code or Facebook link

your primary account so you don't lose

that account before you do this one

right and what's this done see it's

right here

okay do is open it up and just like a

brand new account and it starts to live

alright guys thank you all for watching

please like this video please subscribe

this video once we hit a hard life I

will be giving away that account with

super Sam for go to okay thank you guys

for watching have a great day and God