Different Headers On Different Pages-Microsoft Word Tutorial

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hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to insert different headers on

different pages in Microsoft Word it's

actually a really simple process and I'm

gonna walk you right through it

let's get right to it as you can see I

have a blank Microsoft Word document

open now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

start off by inserting a header on the

first page so let's just go ahead and

double click on the header area just

like that and we're gonna call this

header 8 okay so we now have double

click way we just double clicked on the

body area now to bring the cursor back

to here but we have header 8 over here

on the first header now what we're gonna

do is we are going to insert a section

break so what we're gonna do is we're

gonna go to layout breaks and then here

section breaks we're gonna go to next

page so as you can see right here we

have a header on the first page called

header a and we have a header on the

second page called header a but one

thing that we did here is we actually

separated the sections okay so when I

double click the header on the second

page okay just right here you can see

that we have the header on section 1 and

the header on section 2 now what we need

to do is we need to unlink these

sections so I'm gonna click this right

here link to previous and I'm gonna

click it so now we've unlinked the two

sections okay so the header in section 2

is unlinked from the header in section 1

so I can go ahead and call this header B

and you can see right here and I'll

double click the body again we now have

a header a on the first page and we have

header B on the second page and it's

literally that simple

all that we're doing is we are breaking

the document down into multiple sections

and unlinking the sections from each

other once you have multiple sections

and you've unlinked the sections then

you can change the headers on various

pages and you can do this as many times

as you want it's literally that simple

that is the way the method for having

different headers on different pages

once again we have header a on page one

header B on page two and if you want to

see the sections an easy way is just to

double click the header and you can see

that this first page is section 1 and

the second page

section two and that's why we can have

different headers on different pages

because there are actually different

sections in the same document and that's

basically it I really hope that you have

enjoyed this video tutorial give it a

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that's all I have for you today thanks

for watching