Clash Royale | how to have multiple accounts on one device | SUPERCELL ID |

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hey YouTube welcome back this is Landon

gu making another video today I'm going

to show you how how to have multiple

accounts on one device alright so let's

get into it

click this button up here by the eSports

the three line one then go to settings

then click super so ID if you haven't

done this before it will say

disconnected don't worry still click it

here you're going to one two if you have

not already signed in you're gonna want

to connect your account to an email that

you have all you have to do is type in

that email username go to your email get

the verification code and put it in the

verification slot but I already have my

account connected so I will not be doing

that so I'm gonna log out here then

you're gonna want to click Play without

super cell ID don't worry you will not

lose your accounts

if you have them connected ok so we just

got to quit get this over with

it's super easy because they don't have

defense so we're just gonna quit do this

just got to get this over with

I'm just gonna spam cuz there's no

defense so just trying to get this over

as soon as possible

alrighty that's gonna take his tower

okay so next here is going to be your

new account so with my new account I'm

going to click this three line bar

button again go to settings here click

supercell ID now I'm gonna want to

register the account so go to the bottom

and click register now now you need to

type in your valid email address mine is

the one that I'm using today is example

YouTube og

do you know dot-com okay go to re-enter


all right I'm gonna register that email

now I'm gonna go over to my email and

get the verification good all right now

I'm gonna submit now you're all set

just click OK now I have this account as

well as my other so if I want to switch

in between account in between counts

I can go to settings click super cell ID

again click log out log in with super

cell ID and there's your other accounts

I hope this helped if it did and you

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comment tell your friends and I hope you

enjoyed peace out