How to make a SECOND clash of clans account on ONE DEVICE!! 2020! 2 accounts 1 device! Easy! CoC!

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yo this is a quick little tutorial on

how to make a second account on classic

lands so first things first you need to

open up clutch clamps and it will open

up with your current village simply go

on to settings hit the connect button at

the top or connected and hit settings

and what you need to do is log out of

your current account don't worry as this

will all be saved so now you have the

two options

play with supercell ID or play without

super little ID so we're gonna hit play

without super Sun ID and this should put

a brand new village which you will then

be able to link or Suisun ID so as you

can see just click through all the

instructions hit the shot so I'm going

to go through this and then make it all

complete so it was a second so I'm

partway through the tutorial and now

it's asking me to create my name so

we'll just do many many many million so

there you have it you have a brand new

account which you can play with and if

you want to load Buc your old village

make sure you save this village first so

hit the settings you want to connect to

a supercell ID so let's go on to

disconnect new super sentai ID register

hit continue and type in your email

address click register once click

register you'll get a very verification

and you'll get a verification code to

your email I'll just quickly get that I

guess I'm pretty instantly submit done

so we are all set we have that connected

and now to load back your old

village you simply need to go to

connected settings log out of this one


login with supercell ID and there you

have it

you can switch really just like that

very simple straightforward to the point

okay enjoy this video if this video did

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and yeah keep crushing