Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+: Open Two Apps at Once in Split Screen View / Multi-Windows 10 / 2019 Update

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how to open two apps at once using split

screen view our multi windows on a

samsung galaxy s 9 or the s9 + now if

you have been updating your phone to the

latest version of Android and the

Samsung security update so this is now

November 2019 then the way how you can

open up two apps at once now is changes

so this is for the latest software

update that you have on your phone so

here is the view as you can see I'm just

going to close it and then I'm just

going to close that one as well and then

- to begin off what you want to do is

tap on the recent key and then tap on

the app that you want to open in

split-screen so you tap on the top here

on the icon at the top and then you tap

on open in split screen view so that

will place the app at the top

now not all app will support split

screen view so depending on the apps so

this one here will support the multi

window so you tap on that and so you're

just not on the icon but on the app

itself and then you can see it will open

up to screen and then you can use the to

swing right here as you can see tests

I'm just putting tests so you can see

here you can use an app at the bottom

and then you can also use the tap at the

top so I'm just going to close that and

then I'll show you

we should happily supposed to a while

basically if you tap on this app here

it's say open in split screen view I'm

in this app will support and let's say

this one here if I tap on that you can

see it doesn't allow you to open in

split screen so depending on that app if

that apps support multi windows then you

can use it otherwise you can and it's it

so this is for the latest update of

security update on October 2019 thank

you for watching this video please

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