How to Sign Out / Sign In with a Different Apple ID in the App Store in iOS 12

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hey guys on today's we didn't want to

teach you how to switch your Apple ID

right here on your App Store on your

iPhone iPad touch it's exact same

instructions for all of them so first of

all let's just go into your App Store

once you guys open up your App Store

just go to our first option which says

today or games doesn't really matter as

long as you guys see the top you guys

will see something up there on the top

right hand corner alright it could be a

picture it could be anything that you

guys chose from before this case it's

this black circle just wanna click on it

and you guys should see this your Apple

ID right here now from here you guys can

sign out and sign into another one so

we're gonna do exactly that we're gonna

tap on sign out once you guys tap on

sign out you guys will see this Apple ID

password and then you guys can click on

sign in so we're gonna put that new one

right now once we click on sign in we're

gonna see our new Apple ID right here

whatever you guys wanted to sign into

however I do want to mention for those

of you who just bought an iPhone iPad

iPod Touch and you're just doing this

this would be wrong you guys should

change that might be for the entire

device not just for your app store so I

just wanna quickly show you how to do

that so you guys should go into settings

under settings you guys will go into

general under general you guys will see

down here below if you guys scroll all

the way down reset on the reset you guys

will see erase all content and settings

and it's gonna exactly do that it's

gonna erase everything from within your

iPhone iPod Touch and then you guys are

gonna be able to put in your own app ID

and activate your iPhone iPad iPod touch

with your own Apple ID that way it's

gonna be a hundred percent yours right

now the iPhone that you guys just bought

if you bought an older one or something

like that that has been used from before

you might have the previous operating

you guys do not want that you guys want

to have your own app ID and have this

active with your own apathy that way

it's 100% yours if you guys just want to

change that store ID right now just to

download some apps that maybe your

friend has and just wanna download them

on your phone don't worry about it once

you sign out from one into the other

it's not going to erase apps

you really have downloaded on your phone

it's gonna keep them you're just signing

on switching Apple IDs right here on

your App Store it's no big deal it's not

gonna do anything

however just remember which one you're

handling at the time obviously apps that

you've downloaded with a previous app ID

you might have to get rid of those or

just remember that any apps that you

download with this app ID that you're

gonna use right now they have to stay

with that Apple ID so any updates that

come with it you guys have to sign into

this Apple ID in order to update them

same goes with any apps that have been

downloaded with another Apple ID all

right so once you've done that just

click on done and if it's another

country that our app ID was created in

then your App Store will change up

country so if you guys are in the US and

this up IDs from let's say Jamaica it's

gonna change that up or store into that

alright so I just want to mention that

although that's not the case for a lot

of you anyways that's it for this video

tutorial if you guys have any comments

questions you guys can write them down

human comments area and don't forget

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