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hey guys Wayne here from h2 tech videos

doing a quick video today showing you

how to use split screen on Windows 10

and this allow you to open multiple

windows at the same time and have them

all floating on the screen and in the

example I want to show here let's say

you're doing research right now I'm

researching the wall China I know I have

to keep tabbing over to look at my you

know fact sheet where I'm typing in the

facts and I'm also at the same time

trying to watch Netflix and so imagine

having Netflix in the background I keep

switching back and forth to look at this

there's an easier way thank you to

Windows 10 so to do this first

I want to take this window and I want to

move it to the left side of the screen

so you're going to take your mouse and

at the very top of the screen right here

notice not on a tab but just in this

blank area where there's nothing I want

to click with the left button and I'm

going to hold down on it keep your

finger on the button and drag it all the

way to the left side of the screen okay

if you notice if we drag it to the left

it'll automatically which is they let it

go it'll hold it all the way to the left

side of the screen okay now here you

have two options I can keep that on the

left and I can have something else

equally on the right side or I can just

have it on the left so let me show you

this first example I'm just going to

click I'm not going to click one of the

options over here I'm just going to

click just somewhere on this window on

the left and watch this it'll keep that

in on the left and it'll keep whatever

is in the background at full screen so

this is an ideal right it would be a lot

easier to have this paper on the right

side and not have one on the left on the

right so I'm going to the same thing

when we move the mouse to the top of the

screen I'm going to click keep my finger

on it again left click I'm going to drag

it all the way to the right side of the

screen your move the mouse until you get

to the edge of the screen and then

they'll do that it'll totally align let

it go now I have a perfect left and

right so I can research my facts here

and come over here and I can type them

as they come up but because of Windows

10 I'm

no longer limited to only having two

windows on the screen you can actually

have up to four on one screen and so

watch this I'm going to come down and

have another window here and this one I

have Netflix so I'm going to click on

this and now this is floating so I can

actually take this window right here I'm

going to click at the top once again

hold down on it I'm going to drag it

this time to the bottom right corner

right here and watch this it's going to

perfectly align it to the bottom right

of the screen check this out so now

that's a line and I can pick which

window don't want at the top somebody

I'm going to pick this one which it are

my notes and now I can actually watch

malcolm in the middle' first secret and

wine is cutely researching over you

typing my notes over here this is just a

really cool thing Windows 10 is new and

not everyone knows what they can do with

this so I'm trying to make these little

videos to teach people what else is

possible and again I can find a fourth

window just to give an example and I can

take this and drag it all the way down

to the bottom here and now I can have

four screens one two three four

literally floating on the screen I don't

know how ideal the situation is I

probably closed this one and I can bring

my mouse right to the edge right here

until I see the arrow click left click

and drag it all the way down but this

way you really utilize your whole screen

and now you can you know snap things

accordingly and really again this

maximize all the real estate that you

have so I hope you guys found this

helpful make sure you like favorite and

share share share if it was helpful send

this to somebody who is new to Windows

10 and is trying to figure this thing

out and hopefully to help them out too

alright thanks for watching take care