Sims 3 Tutorial - Changing active household

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okay so you've been playing Sims for a

little while and you're thinking I'm

getting bored of this family or I want

to see what my other sims family is

doing but you don't know how to do that

you can do that within two or three what

you do is click on your options menu and

then you're going to edit tap you can

either say or not save that choice is up

to you saving will save the progress of

that house for the time being so is what

I keep what's being done then I

recommend you press yes I'm just going

to cancel it out the way and down here

you'll see a change active household

button what you need to do is you click

on the change active household and then

you'll get a confirm button yes you want

to accept that then you get a second

confirmation screen that appears saying

that if you change the the household

that any of your wishes and promises and

also the opportunities that you have

with your current family will disappear

so you need to confirm this and then you

go back to the main menu which is where

you can either create a new family to

start playing or go directly back into

game and start playing in one select the

family you want sometimes you might have

to look around and find the family that

you want to play first this is all the

existing families in game since it's not

one that I've played before I started a

new town for the tutorial but when you

found the family that you want to play

click start playing with this household

when the game eventually loads you will

be playing your new household and