How To Create a Second Account on Musically

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hello good morning to your today I'll

show you how you can create a second

account or a brand new account in the

musically app so this is my musical app

and I have already logged into this

account so this is my profile page and

when I go to settings I can find here

the logout symbol so I'm just clicking

on the Boggart so once you log out you

like on create account it will ask for

whether to create with Facebook

Instagram or with email so I have chosen

with the email so for more for some of

them who just log out the create option

won't be showed so in that case you need

to do one thing so just go to your

settings you need to clear the date of

the music area so go to app info and you

should clear the data and clear the

cache it means if you didn't find the

create option you can do that but now

choose the date of birth but remember

there is there may be age consideration

because if you're tuning ger music anime

say you are not eligible for this

musically app or the program so you can

just enough to have this for 1991 in the

sense I almost have 27 26 years so I

successfully start my creation so next

you need to give your


so click on continue so choose a

password party so want to show you that

the password you can click on create the

icon so you can have the full name here

continue you can take your picture or

you can skip it and just now I'll skip

this my second area code means I already

have a first icon so I have logged out

and clicked on create new account and I

have created just within within a minute

so you can go to your email and click on

the confirmation link which is sent by

the musically app so in that way your

signup process or the login process for

this will be completed I hope you like

this okay make sure to tick in both to

the primary or the social or the updates

or the promotion folders in the Gmail so

that in one of this you will have this

confirmation link sent to your Gmail I

hope you like this and thanks for

watching have a nice day