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welcome today's video we're gonna be

talking about how to get to accounts on

your iOS device for clash of clans I'm

ahead a few people will comment text me

you reach out to me multiple different

ways on how I have two accounts on my

iOS device without having to change to

an iPad or another iOS device and in

this video we're going to show you today

are guys that now that we're in alright

see the bottom right there's the little

gears menu for the settings you don't

want to click that and then go on to the

settings right here alright so once you

get see this connect at the bottom right

disconnect and log out of your logged in

super cell ID all right confirm all

right so maleficent's log into super

cell on the rise log out so you log in

without the super cell ID the way you do

that is you have a Google Play account

before that it'll make an account and

then you change it and then your good

account you can make your super cell ID

so you can log in and out of the two

accounts so you click back this is my

original click right disconnect you

would want to log in into your email

that is connected to your super cell ID

confirm and then they will email you

your super cell idea will email you the

password which you would find here or

right below it or in the middle it's you

find a 34 spot so you come back here

type in that password confirm confirm

boom you're back into your main account

which is a whatever one you have

connected to the super cell ID so that's

the way you have two accounts set up on

one iOS device and then you're back and

good to go alright guys so if you like

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