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hi I'm Angela with to Tim accom and

today I'm going to give you some tips

and tricks on how to have the best anal

sex ever I will be demonstrating on my

dear friend today who is still unnamed

so if you have any suggestions feel free

to leave comments down below I'm also

going to be showing you some products

that will help you have the best anal

sex ever which are all available on -

Tim accom and will be linked down below

so that you can purchase them and will

be shipped 100% discreetly to you we've

been trusted since the year 2000 to do

that anal sex is not supposed to hurt in

any way so if you feel uncomfortable or

in any pain in any way just stop

immediately the thing that I love about

anal sex is every single person in the

world can enjoy it in some kind of way

one of the questions that we get a lot

about anal sex is can you orgasm from it

yes you can everyone can in some kind of

way and I think that it's great that

everyone no matter who you are can have

anal sex you just got to make sure you

do it the right way always start by

playing with yourself first and seeing

if you are comfortable with anal

stimulation in any way even if you are

just rubbing yourself just see if you

even like it in the first place use an

anal training kit I highly recommend

them to anyone that's looking to get

into anal play and use them when you're

masturbating first and see what you like

I have one here that we have for sale

and - Tim accom it is a three piece butt

plug set and you'll see they're all

different sizes we have a nice more

compact one here we've got a medium

sized one here and then we have a larger

one here so the way they work is you

want to wear them while you're having

sex or masturbating and it helps you

determine if you actually am like anal

or not if you like the feeling of

something inside of you and it's great

because then if you do like it start

with the first or the smallest size and

then you can move up as you get more

experienced this is a set of silicone

butt plugs anytime you're using silicone

toys you just want to make sure that


using a water-based lubricant because

you don't want to use a silicone

lubricant with a silicone toy the too

timid calm water-based lubricant this is

a great basic water-based lubricant

it's great for sensitive skin and it's

great for silicone toys like I've said

in the other videos that we have which

if you haven't seen them we highly

recommend you go watch them she's not

real so we have to lube her up a little

more than I'd say an actual person so

you want to be able to lubricate it

plenty look at that drop whenever you're

using an anal plug what you want to do

is slowly twist it that way you're not

shoving it right inside especially when

you're just starting out if you're doing

this to someone else please communicate

the entire time I don't care if they are

experienced please make sure hey are you

okay does that feel good it's not too

much slowly insert that now you can wear

the butt plug and see if you like it

while you're masturbating if you like

wearing it while you're having sex

there's different styles of butt plugs

you can get this one is a vibrating one

this is another style of one that

vibrates these are all silicone which

silicone is really great to use for anal

because it's non-porous it's not gonna

harbor any bacteria and it's really easy

to clean up

we do have all those available and

linked below as you get more experienced

you can go into a larger size same thing

twist and slowly insert remove the plug

slowly okay not it's not a real person

so you can pull it out slower on an

actual person or yourself this is just a

heavy solid cyber skin material so it's

either in or it's out another type of

lubricant that is in my opinion the

absolute best for anal sex are silicone

lubricants silicone lubricant take

forever to dry out this is my favorite

one it's the Astroglide X I personally

really like this one and find a little

bit of it goes a long way this I would

not use if you're using silicone toys

you we don't recommend it you're not

supposed to do it but if you're having

anal sex

with someone and you're not using any

silicone toys I highly highly recommend

this one with silicone lube the thing

that I like about them is that they can

be reactivated with a little bit of

water or even a little bit of spit make

sure when you're doing anal you're not

cross contaminating in any way so if you

are having anal sex don't penetrate your

partner orally or vaginally in any way

we're ready for the demo number one rule

when you're having anal sex with your

partner make sure you fully and 100%

trust each other communication is really

important with sex in general or just

even in a relationship but you have to

make sure that you fully trust that

person it please consent on both sides

communication on both sides make sure

both parties are in okay I'm gonna lube

up this dildo we do have this for sale

on to Tibbett comm this is a nice

realistic toy was also linked to down

below she's also linked down below just

so you know they all everything's for

sale we have available and will ship to

you 100% discreetly when you are having

anal sex

make sure you have played with your

partner first to make sure they're nice

and stimulated and they have told you

that they are ready for anal sex or anal

penetration whether it's with your

finger your fist your penis I don't care

just make sure you have gotten their

consent before ever putting anything

anywhere I also fully recommend that you

use an anal stimulating toy before hand

like beads or a butt plug or something

just to just to get the sensation going

so that your partner is really excited

to take you in anally or to take in a

toy anally what you want to do is slowly

massage the tip of the toy or your penis

and then slowly insert it and make sure

you're communicating with your partner

this whole time because this can be

really really scary I remember the first

time I had anal sex if I was like oh my

gosh I did definitely wasn't doing

things right how does that feel are you

okay and then just start off slow and

then just ask when you're ready to go

deeper my gosh there's Lube Lube

everywhere one of the tips that I have

that you don't really think about all

the time is as your partner is starting

to insert themselves into you or if

you're starting to insert a toy into you

this sounds so weird but it works okay

because I've done it and it helps

tremendously is push out push your anal

muscles outwards slightly not too much

and as you do that what it does is it

forces your anal muscles to relax and it

just makes it so much more pleasurable

and a lot of people don't realize that

make sure you're starting slow make sure

your pace is slow you're going so you're

literally moving slow whether it's a toy

or it's an actual person that you're

taking in you have to make sure you move

slow please make sure that you are

communicating with your partner and that

you are telling them that you want them

to go slow if at any time you feel pain

it hurts in any way you've stopped

immediately a lot of people ask if anal

sex hurts or anal play in any way anal

play in any way if done correctly should

not hurt at all

if there is any pain in any way even a

little bit you are doing it wrong if you

are having sex with someone you

immediately stop you immediately tell

them to stop and if you're masturbating

you want to stop if you're using a sex

toy you just want to remove it at that

point and then start over again with

another you know butt plug set an anal

training set in some kind of way and

then you'll know as you get used to it

as your anal muscles are relaxed as you

sort of have trained yourself then

you're gonna love it so just to

summarize these top tips to have the

best anal sex ever

make sure there's consent and

communication involved make sure you are

experiencing on yourself before anything

make sure you are comfortable as you're

doing and in stop immediately if for

some reason you have any discomfort in

any way make sure you are pushing out as

you are being penetrated because it

forces you to relax your anal muscles

and it makes it feel a lot better there

are so many ways to enjoy anal sex these

are just supposed to be the basics of

anal sex so if you have any other tips

tricks if you want to share your

experience with us please leave a

comment down below we'd appreciate it we

love reading the comments in hearing

from you we appreciate you watching our


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until then I'll see you next time