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this video I'm gonna be teaching you

guys so you can get a thousand active

followers your first week on Instagram

and begin making that IG money so what's

going on guys my name is B Hezekiah said

in this video we'll be going over a way

that you can get a thousand active

Instagram followers your first week of

growing an Instagram page before we do

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so the strategy I'm gonna be talking

about in this video it's a little

controversial not everyone agrees that

it's a good way to grow your Instagram

page but keep in mind that I personally

run a seven-figure Instagram follower

network we're talking two commas baby

and I've done and used this strategy to

every single one of the pages in that

network in 2009 in 2018 I'm gonna

continue doing it in 2019 and this

completely works I mean I've personally

used this and I'm telling you guys that

this works and a lot of people will tell

you that it doesn't but that's just

because they do this strategy wrong so

I'm gonna split this process into two

separate parts we're first gonna go over

the actual way you get some attention

and get some followers and then we're

gonna go over step two which is to make

sure that your page is ready to get the

attention and when people actually

finally go on your Instagram profile

that they'll go ahead and follow so step

number one growing your Instagram page

this this process involves a little bit

of follow for follow a specific way and

before you click off when you disregard

this video because you've heard a

million times that follow for follow

doesn't work that's because people do it

wrong so the first way that people mess

up when they're trying to do follow for

follow over when you've previously tried

doing fofor follow is that they just

randomly target their photo for follows

they just as you will be seeing in this

little view of my phone here they'll

just go on to the followers of a page

they'll start following those people and

that's not how you get active followers

so the way you would actually go about

this is say your as I'm using example

here the travel niche say you're a page

in the travel niche what you would do is

go into pages all

so in the travel needs very similar to

yours and you wouldn't go on the

followers what you do is go on to a

picture hit the likes or sorry hit the

likes hit the hit the button that shows

people who like the pages posts and

you're gonna want to follow those people

and what that does is that you already

know that the people who like this pages

posts are gonna like yours because

they're active followers they're already

liking pictures on Instagram this way

you're talking people in your niche and

you're targeting the most active people

in your niche so you could just sit

there and try to follow all these people

but I would not recommend that you do

that I would recommend you use an app

such as captivate for Instagram that's

the app that you would use for iOS sorry

sorry it's all the Android fellas out

there I use Android so I don't know but

I'm sure there's similar apps for this

kind of thing on Android but what an app

like captivate will actually allow you

to do is that say like we're gonna go

ahead and use the travel niche for this

for this video say you you want to start

a page in the travel niche you just go

on travel pages through captivate and

then same thing you can go on the likes

it'll process it real quick so once it

processes you can go ahead and mass

select a large amount of people and you

can add it to a feature that this app

provides is called the cloud key and

what that does is that you just add the

people you want to follow to the cloud

key I know start automatically following

them throughout the day so it's not it's

not BOTS like behavior where you follow

50 people at once wait five minutes

follow 50 people are once it's gonna

gradually follow those people throughout

the day so Instagram isn't your the

Instagram algorithm will not hate you

and I would repeat this process until

you're following about 5,000 people I

would personally not recommend you ever

be following more than 5,000 people at

once I don't think it's the circum

algorithm really likes that because

that's I mean you're following more than

5,000 people probably some sketchy

spammy behavior going on so once you hit

5,000 people that you're following it's

time to go ahead and unfold the people

that don't follow you back now this is

where most people fail and why the phone

for photo strategy doesn't work for most

people is that they'll just go on their

following and then

I'll follow all the people that they've

just followed and that's obviously gonna

result those people who have followed

them back to unfollow them as well

you're not gonna really get anywhere

like that so what you want to do is use

an app I've personally used cleaner for

Instagram and what this app will allow

you to do is actually mass select again

the people who don't follow you back and

unfollow them and so once you unfollow

the people that aren't following you

back you're gonna go ahead and repeat

this process until you're at a thousand

followers now by no means am I saying

that you should follow for follow your

way to a hundred thousand followers

that's not sustainable that's not a good

idea what this method is good for is

like I previously stated getting the

ball rolling you're gonna want to get a

couple thousand followers just so that

when you post something nice when you

post a good piece of content your

followers will really engage with it and

they'll put it on the explore page

that's very difficult to do if you have

a hundred followers your post simply

aren't gonna be hitting the explore page

so the main goal of this is to get

enough followers tour your posts begin

getting on the explore page once your

posts are hitting the explore page I

mean you'll just start getting organic

growth you won't have to do any of this

Fugazi follow for follow scheme II type

stuff and you'll be you'll be growing

naturally and that's where step number

two comes in once you have enough

followers have your posts hitting the

explore page you're gonna really want to

just narrow down and focus on getting

those posts to the explore page and you

do that by if you're running a theme

page repose the most viral content you

can find in your niche if you're running

a personal page it's gonna be a little

more difficult but try to look on the

explore page see what other personal

brand influencers are posting and what's

doing good for them and try to emulate

that just so you get more of your posts

so let explore page and once you notice

that a couple of your posts are getting

the explore page you want to start

posting like crazy if you're running a

theme page I mean just start posting

like 10 times a day because at this

point the more you posts the more of

your posts get on the explore page the

more people see them the more people see

your page the more followers you get the

quicker followers you get if you create

your own content and you're running a

personal page that's gonna be a little

more difficult again to post 10 times a


still try to post once twice per day

minimum and another tip that I just want

to throw in there just because I think

it's so important is that you you want

to be posting a story at least once

every 24 hours so you have that

beautiful colorful ring around your

profile picture I mean this little ring

does wonders as I've stated in previous

videos people see that you have a story

posted they know you've been active in

the last 24 hours

they don't want to follow a dead page

but if they know that you're active

they're much more likely to follow you

and lastly I want to throw out the fact

that this whole strategy revolves around

the fact that you're posting good

content none of this will actually end

up working unless you're posting content

that people actually want to see that

people want to follow for you can drive

as much traffic to your Instagram

profile as you can you can try all these

different methods but if you if you

don't have the content that makes people

want to stick around and follow you I

mean you're wasting your time

and what that means for a personal page

is that you got to make sure you have

high quality content you got to make

sure you're cutting your quality is

top-notch you got to have a beautiful

profile you know your bio has to be nice

a good profile picture and on the other

hand if you're on a theme page I mean

this step is a lot easier but I still

see so many people not doing that and

that's just to simply have a good design

I know that when you're running a theme

page and you're gonna be posting 10

times a day it can be difficult to

allocate time to actually writing out

good captions and whatnot and it's easy

to just you know just drop some random

stuff and post it but this is it that's

how you get followers you got actually

put in so time put in some work and

planning out your feed

gotta make it look nice you gotta make

people want to follow you and now once

you actually get some followers there's

a ton of ways you can monetize on it and

make money off of it if you guys are

interested in that learning how you can

actually make money off of Instagram

page go ahead and go down to my channel

I have a really cool video on there

titled make a hundred dollars day from

Instagram something like that but in

that video actually discuss a way that

you can make good money from the

Instagram pages you build up so that

would be my best advice for anyone

looking to start a business on Instagram

start a personal page on Instagram or

just generally grow followers they're

starting from scratch if they're

starting from a couple hundred followers

and want to get to that

follower mark that's gonna be it for

this video if you guys enjoyed it please

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